Sally Hunt has been researching Hounsells for some years now she is descended from Henry and Mary Hounsell nee Greening who married at Powerstock in 1743) and has acquired details of many Hounsell wills (mostly pre 1850). These are now summarised and are a wonderful addition to the website So far there are 35 wills/admons in this list but hopefully there will be more to come.

Sally has included references where known and has cleared the relevant ones with the Dorset Record Office. Whilst she has tried to be as accurate as possible, any errors are totally hers and researchers should always refer back to the original document. Saly adds that this would not have been possible without a great deal of help from other researchers, in particular Maureen Bowler and Deb Redfearn Palmer.


Will of Andrew HOUNSELL (Captain Lieutenant)  (Formerly of Symondsbury, died in Jamaica)

PCC will  Prob 11/265 quire 249


Dated: 18.12.?1654               Proved: June 1657


Names/relationships mentioned:


Major General John HEARNE - Andrew’s Commander

Susan HOUNSELL – Sister

Henry COLFOX – Nephew

Robert HOUNSELL – Nephew

Robert HOUNSELL – Brother (and Executor)

John MINSON of Simsbury – Friend and Godfather


Witnesses: Jn DUDLEY, Edw TUCKER, Robert HOUNSELL





Admon – Edmund HOUNSELL Senior of Nettlecombe

DCRO Ref: MIC/R.270


Dated: 4.10.1756


Administrator/Creditor: Edmund HOUNSELL Junior of Long Bredy, Butcher


Other sureties: Benjamin BLANCHARD of Long Bredy, Miller

                          Joseph WOODFORD of Long Bredy, Labourer


Witnesses:            Jno EVERETT, Robt BRIDGE






Will of Giles HOUNSELL of Bridport

DCRO Ref:  MIC/R/181 (damaged will)


Proved: 1660


Name/Relationships mentioned:


Ann CHURCHILL – Daughter (wife of Richard)

Mary CHURCHILL – Daughter (wife of Stephen)

Elizabeth CHURCHILL – Granddaughter

Ann CHURCHILL – Grandaughter

Hannah CHURCHILL – Granddaughter

William HOLWELL Junior – Kinsman

John HOLWELL – Kinsman

Richard COMBEN – “my man”

John ALFORD – Brother in law


Witnesses: William HOLWELL, John HOLWELL








Will of Giles HOUNSELL of Weymouth and Melcombe Regis, Ropemaker

Not held DCRO


Dated: 7.2.1683                     Proved: 1684


Names/relationships mentioned:


Mary STEVENS (widow) – Sister

John RUSSELL – Grandson

Elizabeth WADE – Daughter

John WADE – Son in law

Anne RUSSELL – Daughter

John RUSSELL – Son in law (and executor)

Crispin HOUNSELL – Son

Edith HOUNSELL – Wife


Witnesses:  ?Ric. BILES, Edward ?DEARING, Nath. OSBORNE





Will of John HOUNSELL the Elder of Litton Cheney, Yeoman

DCRO Ref: BC H190 1716


Dated: 27.1.1715                   Proved: 26.7.1716


Names/relationships mentioned:


Edmund HOUNSELL of Nettlecombe – Son

John HOUNSELL – Son (and executor)

Nicholas HOUNSELL – Brother


Witnesses:            John HODDER, Henry HODDER, Jo. BARGE





Will of John HOUNSELL the Elder of Bridport, Twinespinner

DCRO Ref: MIC/R/213 DA14


Dated: 7.8.1758                     Proved: 25.5.1759


Names/relationships mentioned:


John HOUNSELL – Son (and executor)

John HOUNSELL – Grandson (son of John HOUNSELL)

William HOUNSELL – Grandson (son of John HOUNSELL)

Joseph HOUNSELL – Grandson (son of John HOUNSELL)

Hannah HOUNSELL – Granddaughter (daughter of John HOUNSELL)

Phoebe HOUNSELL – Granddaughter (daughter of John HOUNSELL)

Thomas HOUNSELL – Grandson (son of John HOUNSELL)

?Mary HOUNSELL – Granddaughter (daughter of late son William HOUNSELL)

Elizabeth HOUNSELL – Granddaughter (daughter of late son William HOUNSELL)

Mrs Ann ALFORD of Winsham, Somerset

Mrs Ann OLIVER, wife of William OLIVER, of Bridport


Witnesses: John COPPOCK, John ?HALSTON, Rich. HUSSEY




Will of John HOUNSELL of Bridport, Clothier

DCRO Ref: MIC/R/220

Dated: 12.9.1770                   Proved: 28.2.1776


Names/Relationships mentioned:


Benjamin HOUNSELL – Son

Elizabeth TAYLOR – Daughter (wife of Thomas TAYLOR) (and executrix)

Hannah TAYLOR – Granddaughter

Martha TAYLOR – Granddaughter

Elizabeth TAYLOR – Granddaughter

Samuel TAYLOR – Grandson

Joseph TAYLOR – Grandson

Hannah HOUNSELL – Daughter (and executrix)

Mary SYMES – Sister

Hannah GULLY – Sister


Witnesses:            John SYMES ?Junior, Sarah SYME, Eliz. SUMPTER



Will of John HOUNSELL of Bridport

Not held DCRO

Proved: 29.2.1792


Names/relationships mentioned:


Ann HOUNSELL – Daughter

Peter BATTICOMBE – “Good friend and relation”

Susannah HOUNSELL – Sister

John HOUNSELL Junior – Son

Elizabeth HOUNELL – Daughter

Jane TUCKER (widow) – Daughter

Mary HOUNSELL – Daughter

Sarah HOUNSELL – Daughter

Andrew HOUNSELL – Brother


Children to be joint executors


Witnesses: Joseph OXENBURY, Henry CORNICK, Betty BURY



Will of John HOUNSELL of Bridport, Twine Manufacturer

Not held DCRO

Dated: 13.5.1802                   Proved: 9.12.1803


Names/relationships mentioned:


Phoebe HOUNSELL – Wife

Phoebe HOUNSELL – Daughter

Anne HOUNSELL – Daughter


Joseph HOUNSELL – Grandson

John HOUNSELL – Grandson

William HOUNSELL – Grandson

Mary Ann HOUNSELL – Granddaughter

Thomas HOUNSELL – Grandson


Wife and daughters – Executrixes


Witnesses: Edwd DALLY, Ann ?JEFFORD, James  ?  Junior

Will of Jonathon HOUNSELL of Puncknowle, Yeoman

DCRO Ref: MIC/R/287


Dated:    14.6.1823                Proved: 14.8.1824


Names/Relationships mentioned:


Marwood Tilman HOUNSELL – Son

Benjamin HOUNSELL – Son

Mary HOUNSELL – Daughter

Martha COX – Daughter (wife of Bernard COX) (and executrix)


Witnesses:            ?   , Thomas MOORE




Will of Joseph HOUNSELL of Bridport, Twine Manufacturer

DCRO Ref: MIC/R/227


Dated: 30.12.1798 Proved: 15.1.1799


Names/Relationships mentioned:


Reverend Samuel FAWCETT – Good friend

Thomas Collins COLFOX – Good friend

Elizabeth HOUNSELL – wife (and executrix)


Witnesses:            Edwd DALLY, N DOWNE





Will of Martha HOUNSELL of Nettlecombe

DCRO Ref: MIC/R/361  1869/143

Dated: 5.8.1858                     Proved: June 1869


Names/Relationships mentioned:


Mary Ann BARTLETT – Niece (daughter of late sister Elizabeth BARTLETT)

Harriet BARTLETT – Niece (daughter of late sister Elizabeth BARTLETT)

Fanny COUSINS – Niece (daughter of brother John BROWN)

John BROWN – Nephew (son of brother John BROWN)

Mary Ann READER – Niece (daughter of brother John BROWN)

James BROWN – Nephew (son of brother John BROWN)

Mary BARTLETT – Sister

Ann SNELL – Sister

Elizabeth BARTLETT – Sister

William BROWN – brother

Mary BUTCHER – Sister

Sarah BENDING – Niece (daughter of sister Ann SNELL)

Elizabeth STUDLEY (deceased) – Niece (daughter of sister Edith BOWRING)

John BOWRING – Nephew (son of sister Edith BOWRING)

Henry BROWN (deceased) – Brother


Witnesses:            William WAY, Nich. M. LOGGIN

Codicil witnesses: William WAY, Richard GREENING





Will of Mary HOUNSELL of Avon, Sopley, “County of South”, Widow

Not held DCRO


Dated: 11.9.1680                   Proved: 14.2.1683


Names/relationships mentioned:


George HOUNSELL – Son  }

William HOUNSELL – Son }  (joint executors)

Edmund ?..ENKINS of Winkton, Hampshire


Witnesses: John ?   , Henry JONES


Will of Mary HOUNSELL of Whitchurch Canonicorum

DCRO Ref: MIC/R/197 DA66

Dated:                                    Proved: 1728


Names/Relationships mentioned:


Thomasina EDWARDS – Sister in law

George HOUNSELL – Brother in law

Mary SMITH – Sister in law

Joane HILL – Kinswoman (daughter of Thomas HILL)

John MATTHEWS – Kinsman



Will of Mary HOUNSELL of Eype, Symondsbury, widow

DCRO Ref: MIC/R/213


Dated: 14.1.1758                   Proved: 24.2.1759


Names/relationships mentioned:


Elizabeth DAVIE/DAVIS – Daughter

John DAVIE/DAVIS – Son in law

Henry DAVIS – Grandson

John DAVIS – Grandson

Daniel CASE – Cousin of Kirshay, Netherbury

Jacob PITFIELD of Symondsbury


Grandsons to be executors when they come of age


Witnesses: Gre. SYNDERCOMBE, Rich. HUSSEY



Will of Mary HOUNSELL of Bridport, Spinster

PCC will  Prob 11/1542


Dated: 21.7.1794                   Proved: 19.3.1813


Names/relationships mentioned:


Sarah HOUNSELL – Sister (and Executrix)


Probate note: Executrix is Sarah PITCHER, formerly HOUNSELL, wife of William Downing PITCHER.


Witnesses: John SYMES, Thomas SYMES, W. SYMES



Will of Matthew HOUNSELL of Eype, Symondsbury

DCRO Ref: MIC/R/212


Dated: 2.8.1756                     Proved: 3.2.1757




Mary HOUNSELL – Wife

Elizabeth DAVIS – Daughter

John DAVIS – Son in law

John DAVIS – Grandson


Witnesses: Gre SYNDERCOMBE, John DAVIS, Sarah ?TILLER


Will of Richard HOUNSELL of Bridport, Ropemaker

Not held at DCRO


Dated: 18.5.1633                   Proved: 1633


Names/relationships mentioned:


Richard HOUNSELL – Son

Elizabeth HOUNSELL – Daughter


Giles HOUNSELL – Son

Mary HOUNSELL – Daughter

Elizabeth HOUNSELL – Wife (and executrix)

Richard BAGGOT – Friend

Giles HOUNSELL – Brother


Witnesses: Robt WA?D, Giles HOUNSELL


Will of Richard HOUNSELL of Whitchurch (Canonicorum), Husbandman

Not held DCRO


Nuncupative will dated 25.1.1651                      Proved: 30.4.1652


Names/relationships mentioned:



Symon HOUNSELL – Son

Alice HOUNSELL – Wife (and executrix)


Witnesses:            Richard HOUNSELL, Rebecca HOUNSELL


Will of Robert HOUNSELL of Watton, Symondsbury, Husbandman

PCC will  Prob11/265 quire 232


Proved: 1657


Names/relationships mentioned:


Robert HOUNSELL – Son

Andrewe HOUNSELL – Son

Susan HOUNSELL – Daughter

Henry COLFOX – Grandson

John MINSON of Lower Eype    }

Matthew HOUNSELL (kinsman)}  Joint executors


Witnesses: Richard GOLDING, John GOLDING

Admon – Robert HOUNSELL of Bridport

DCRO Ref:  MIC/R/252


Dated:   1670


Administrator/Creditor: Elizabeth HOUNSELL, widow of Robert, also of Bridport


Witness: John GUNDRY


Will of Robert HOUNSELL Senior of Nettlecombe

DCRO Ref: MIC/R/192


Dated: 3.1.1709                     Proved: 1710


Names/Relationships mentioned:


Sary HOUNSELL – Wife

Eydith HOUNSELL – Daughter

Robert FFOARD – Grandson


Mary ?GOALL/GEALL – Sister

Robert HOUNSELL – Son


Witnesses:            Stephen SPELT,  the mark of Joane WORING


Admon – Robert HOUNSELL of Symondsbury

DCRO Ref: MIC/R/261


Dated: 10.10.1692


Administrator/Creditor: Susannah HOUNSELL of Symondsbury, widow


Sureties:  Joseph MORY, Yeoman

               William ?CAPON of Allington, husbandman


Admon – Robert HOUNSELL of Nettlecombe

DCRO Ref: MIC/R/266


Dated: 15.9.1739


Administrator/creditor: Mary HOUNSELL of Nettlecombe, widow


Sureties: Robert WALBRIDGE of Powerstock, sailcloth weaver

               Richard GOLDING of Bridport, labourer


Witnesses: Mary HOUNSELL, Robert WALBRIDGE, Richard GOLDING

                   And? WAY, John WAY


Will of Robert HOUNSELL of Bradpole, Sailcloth Weaver

DCRO Ref: MIC/R/223


Dated: 10.2.1784                   Proved: 15.11.1784


Names/relationships mentioned:


Susanna HOUNSELL – Wife (and Executrix)

Robert HOUNSELL – Son



Witnesses: ?Sarah/Saml HEWLETT, Tho. SYMES, James SYMES


Admon – Sarah HOUNSELL of Bridport

DCRO Ref: MIC/R/264  DA14


Dated: 1712

Administrators/Creditors:   Bernard GALE of Poorstock

                                                Samuel JACOB of Bridport



Will of Sarah HOUNSELL of Nettlecombe (in Powerstock), Widow

DCRO Ref: MIC/R/242


Dated: 2.2.1833                     Proved: 15.4.1833


Names/Relationships mentioned:



Edmund HOUNSELL, Jonathon HOUNSELL – Sons (deceased)

Edmund HOUNSELL – Grandson (son of Edmund and Mary HOUNSELL)

Sarah HOUNSELL – Granddaughter (daughter of Edmund and Mary HOUNSELL)

Henry HOUNSELL – Grandson (son of Jonathon and Elizabeth HOUNSELL)

Elizabeth HOUNSELL – Granddaughter (daughter of Jonathon and Elizabeth HOUNSELL)

Mary HOUNSELL – Granddaughter (daughter of George and Elizabeth HOUNSELL)

Elizabeth HOUNSELL – Granddaughter (daughter of Henry and Ann HOUNSELL)

Martha HOUNSELL – Wife of son Robert HOUNSELL   

Richard Walbridge SCORE – Trustee


Executors – All surviving sons


Witnesses – Richard WEBBER, Mary SCORE, Lydia GREENING


Will of Simon HOUNSIL of Marshwood, Yeoman

Not held DCRO


Dated: 3.6.1685


Names/relationships mentioned:


Joan HOUNSIL – Daughter

Francis HOUNSIL – Wife (and executrix)

William HUNT – Good friend and vicar of Whitchurch Canonicorum


Witnesses:  William HUNT, John BROOKS


Admon – Susannah (Susan) HOUNSELL of Symondsbury

Not held DCRO


Dated: 1693




Joseph MORY of Symondsbury,  father of Susannah HOUNSELL widow, during minority of her children: Elizabeth, Robert, Anne and Andrew HOUNSELL


Sureties: Samuel GUNDRY of Bridport, Maltser

               William HOUNSELL of Bridport, Mercer


Witnesses:  ?Onesiphonis TOUP, W HORLOCK ?Junior, Samuel GUNDRY, Will HOUNSELL, Joseph MORY


Will of Thomas HOUNSELL of Bridport, Baker

DCRO Ref: MIC/R/189


Dated: 13.1.1698                   Proved: 1699


Anne HOUNSELL – Wife

Sarah  - Daughter

Anne – Daughter (and executrix)

Elizabeth – Daughter

Mary – Daughter

Suzanna – Daughter

John HANSFORD – Grandson

Mary HOWE – Granddaughter

Hannah HOWE – Granddaughter

Samuel HOWE – Son in law

Henry FFOWKES – Son in law


Witnesses: John SYMES, Stephen RODNY als KINGSBURY, Sarah ?MALLETT




Will of William HOUNSELL the Elder of Bridport, Fuller

DCRO Ref: MIC/R/189


Dated: 15.8.1695                   Proved: 8.5.1700


Names/relationships mentioned:


William HOUNSELL – Son

Robert HOUNSELL – Son

Roger HOUNSELL – Son

Alice HOUNSELL – Daughter (and Executrix)


Witnesses: John SYMES, Elizabeth SHORT




Will of William HOUNSHILL of Cranborne, Gentleman

DCRO Ref: MIC/R/194


Dated: 19.4.1716                   Proved: 24.11.1716


Names/Relationships mentioned:


Ursula HOUNSELL – Wife

Martin HOUNSELL – Son (and executor)

Ursula FFORD – Daughter

George HOUNSELL – Grandson

Martin DANIELE – Godson

Barbara HOUNSELL – Daughter


Witnesses:            John KIPPON, Elizabeth KEEPING, Mark WITT








Will of William HOUNSELL of Bridport, Mercer

DCRO Ref: MIC/R/195


Dated: 6.2.1718                     Proved: 6.10.1719


Names/relationships mentioned:


William HOUNSELL – Son

Kathrin HOUNSELL – Wife (and executrix)

Kathrin HOUNSELL – Daughter

Mary HOUNSELL – Daughter


Witnesses:            James DAVIE, Nathaniel BUNSON



Will of William HOUNSELL of Bridport, Twinespinner

Not held DCRO cheap rolex replica


Dated: 1.5.1752                     Proved: July 1752


Names/relationships mentioned:


John GUNDRY – Brother in law

Joseph GUNDRY – Brother in law

Elizabeth HOUNSELL – Wife (and executrix

Mary HOUNSELL – Daughter

Dorothy HOUNSELL – Late wife

Elizabeth HOUNSELL – Daughter

William HOUNSELL – Nephew

John HOUNSELL – Brother

John CRABB – Colleague at work

William LEE – Colleague at work


Witnesses:            John MILLER, Joseph ?



Will of William HOUNSELL of Bridport, Merchant

PCC will  Prob 11/1821


Proved: 18.9.1833


Names/relationships mentioned:


Thomas Collins HOUNSELL – Brother

Mary HOUNSELL – Sister in law (wife of above)

Revd Henry ?TUNSELL – Brother in law

Late sister’s children (not named)


Witnesses: Edwin NICHOLETTS, Thomas ?MORE, Sam BALSTON