Here are some other Hounsell Family trees that I have collected. I don't know how accurate any of the information is. These are trees I have been sent and I thought they may be interesting to look through. Sorry the information is not in an easier format, but it's the best I can do for the present.

If anyone has any trees they want added please send them to me (preferably as gedcom files).

If anyone would like the gedcoms to any of these trees please contact me. There are some cheap/free family tree programs around that allow you to import gedcoms, which will make the information a lot easier to understand.

More to follow when I get time.

Joseph Hounsell born about 1825 married to Elizabeth Tidby in Oct 1850.

Ruth Hounsell born 1779
(The infamous Ruth)

Robert Hounsell born about 1730 married to Susannah

Family Tree of Job Hounsell (born 1736) and Sarah Ward
This one contains the Richard and George that went to Newfoundland

Edmund Hounsell a mill sawyer and Susanna Gale
Parents of JOSEPH GALE HANSELL who changed his name when he went to Australia about 1869

Henry Hounsell born about 1719 and Mary Greening