JOSEPH GALE HANSELL was born 1 am 19 April 1839 village of  Wyke Regis, Weymouth,  Dorset, England to Edmund Hounsell a mill sawyer and Susanna Gale.  He arrived in Australia about 1869 after his first wife Susanna White (parents Edward and Rebecca Fuzzard) died in 1862. They were married 7 Sept 1860. When he arrived in Australia he obtained work as a mill sawyer at Mt Cole near Beaufort Victoria and it was at this time that he changed the spelling to Hansell from Hounsell.  He remarried MARIA DAY(parents Thomas and Maria Kimpton Harradance) on 1 Jan 1871 at the Primitive Methodist Church, Beaufort, Victoria by Minister Henry Heathshaw witnesses were her parents. Their first five children were born around this area then they moved to the Deniliquin area NSW where two more children were born before moving again to the Wagga Wagga/Narrandera area where their last eight children were born.   He died 21st  March, 1919 at Adams St, Narrandera and Maria died 6th December,1932 at Narrandera Public Hospital. Both are buried in Church of England Cemetery, Narrandera, NSW.


Their children were:



RICHARD B 28th August 1871 Ararat Victoria  
EDMUND B 6th August 1872 Crowlands Victoria   Died 24 Feb 1881 Murumbidgee Rv
MARIA B 19th July 1873 Mt Cole Victoria      Died 6th Jan 1972 Narrandera NSW
SUSANNAH B 10th May 1875 Trentham Victoria    Died 31st July1946 Ruthglen, Victoria
AMELIA b 7th Jan 1877 Beaufort Victoria    Died 14th June 1963 Leeton NSW
FLORA B 9th Jan 1878 Deniliquin NSW      Died 21 Sept 1929 Leeton, NSW
THOMAS  B 28th Jul 1880 Deniliquin NSW         Died 16th Feb 1896 Collenroobie
JOSEPH B 4th Jul 1882 Berry Jerry Wagga NSW  Died 27 Dec 1941 Narrandera.
WILLIAM B 30 Jan 1884 Dulla Dull NSW    Died 3rd Oct 1953, Yass, NSW

ANNIE B 5th Nov 1885 Narrandera NSW

Died Aug 1964 Preston, Vic
JULIA B 29th April 1888 Berry Jerry Wagga NSW         Died 1953 Grong Grong, NSW

CLARA B 18th July 1890 Narrandera NSW

Died 1993 Sydney, NSW

SARAH B 21 Mar 1892 Roach's Sawmill NSW

Died 18th Jan 1949, Narrrandera
EMILY  B 22Sept 1893 Narrandera NSW    Died 8 July 1970 Narrandera
JAMES ALFRED B 1895 Narrandera NSW  DIED 12 Dec1926 Narrandera



Marriages and offspring for some of these children:


RICHARD m KATE FLAHARTY 22nd July 1900 Narrandera. Children Eileen B 1902 Narrandera, Richard J b 1905 Lismore d 1905 Lismore, FRANCIS WILLIAM b 1 May 1906 Lismore d 10 May 1956 Southport, Qld, ROY b 1908 Kyogle d 2 Feb 1916 Kyogle, GLADYS K b 1912 and MARY b 1915. RICHARD went to the Boer War. EDMUND died from drowning in the Murrumbidgee River aged 8. He is buried at Benerembah Murrumbidgee River.


SUSANNAH m RICHARD T BOYD 1896 Narrandera. Children Elsie Miriam b 16 Mar1898 Narrandera, Annie Arabella b 26 Jan 1900 Wahgunyah VIC, Jane Hannah b 16 Jul 1901 Rutherglen, Rosalin Maria b 3 Feb 1903 Narrandera, Amelia Gladys b 27 Mar 1905 Rutherglen, Richard Thomas Joseph Charles b 3 Mar 1907 Rutherglen, Robert James Gale b 19 May 1909 Rutherglen, William Henry b 25 May 1911 Rutherglen, Susanniah May b 3 Oct 1912 Rutherglen and James Alexander b 7 Oct 1914 Rutherglen. RICHARD learned his trade of saddler at Narrandera. They moved to Rutherglen in Victoria where they had a shop in the front of the house. RICHARD died 30 July 1932 whilst under anaesthetic for an operation for cancer of throat. SUSANNAH died of pulmonary oedema at Bush Hospital, Rutherglen. Both are buried at Carlyle Cemetery



MARIA m WILLIAM PEARSON (b 28 Mar 1872 Grong Grong, NSW par John and Martha Anne nee Ward) 1897 Narrandera in school building at sawmill by Rev Hugget. Children WILLIAM b 20 Feb1898 Narrandera d 19 Feb 1979, EDMUND b 16 Sep1899 Narrandera, JOSEPH b 17 Apr 1901 Narrandera d 27 Apr 1903, JOHN b 17 Mar 1903 Narrandera d 3 Jan 1981, THOMAS b 10 Jan 1905 Narrandera, ETHEL b 17 Oct 1906 Narrandera d 12 Jun 2003, NORMAN b 2 Aug 1908 Narrandera d 7 Feb 1912, JAMES W b 19 Jul 1910 Sth Yalgogrin d 13 Sep 1970, ARTHUR b 14 May 1912 Sth Yalgogrin and LESLIE b 14 Apr 1918 Narrandera. WILLIAM was a blacksmith and worked in the timber mills in this profession. He died 18 Apr 1948 and MARIA died 6 Jan 1972 Public Hospital, Narrandera. Both are buried at the Narrandera Cemetery.

AMELIA m JOHN PEARSON (b 1877) 1898 Narrandera. Children Amelia (Win) b 7 Feb 1900 Ardlethan d 28 May 1964 Ardlethan, Gladys Susannah (Bub) b 20 Mar 1903, John Joseph b 17 Feb 1904 Kamarah d 2 Jan 1963 Sydney and Daisy Geraldine b 26 Aug 1906 Narrandera. JOHN died 1908. AMELIA remarried DAVID NEWMAN in 1912 Narrandera. Children Violet P b 1913, Lilly b 1916, James b 1918 and David. AMELIA died 14 June 1963 and is buried Leeton Cemetery.



JOSEPH m FLORENCE M OLLERENSHAW(par James and Elizabeth Stanley) on 22 Dec 1909 in Narrandera. Children Marcella b 9 Apr 1911 d 17 Feb 1979 Berrigan, Joseph Theodore b 25 Dec 1912 d 22 July 1956 Merrylands, Doreen Elsie b 9 May 1914 d 1 Apr 1995 Narellan, Ian H b 1915 and Ray Mervyn b 1917 and Alan Stewart b 1920 d 25 Dec 2000. All born at Narrandera. FLORENCE died 25th Sept 1945.



FLORA m JOHN CLARK (b abt 1861 Scotland par Andrew & Jane Morrison) in 1901 Narrandera. Children Milliver (Milly) b 1901, John b 1903 d 1904, Edward T b 1904, William A b 1905, George J F J b 1907, Thomas F b 1909, David Joseph b 1911, Flora b 1913, Robinson A b 1917 and Ernest. JOHN died 10 Aug 1929 from pneumonia. FLORA died at Leeton District Hospital only ten days after her husband JOHN from influenza, pneumonia and a failing heart. Both are buried at Barellan.



WILLIAM m BLANCHE DAINES 1908 Narrandera. Children Susanna b 1909, Alma D b 1910, William Joseph b 1911, Blanche C 1913 and Harold b 1917, Caroline, Charles Edward, Vera and Percy all at Narrandera. WILLIAM died at Yass Hospital from heart trouble. He is buried with his wife BLANCHE in the Yass Cemetery.



ANNIE m WILLIAM J HONNIBALL 1909 Narrandera. Children Winnifred G b 1910, Thomas G b 1911 d 1916 Tocumwal, William J b 1912, Eric J b 1914 Tocumwal, Linda A b 1915 Tocumwal, Alexander Noel b 1912 d 1973 Victoria and John W b 1916 all others born Narrandera. WILLIAM was killed in a ploughing accident . ANNIE remarried RICHARD G BURROWS 1919 Tocumwal. Children twins b 1919 Rita and Florence (d 14d) and Annie (Anne) b 30th June 1923. ANNIE died Aug 1964 at Melbourne Hospital and is buried Area J grave 07000 Preston Cemetery with husband RICHARD who died Jan 1971.



JULIA m GEORGE E RICHARDS 1909 Narrandera. Children George D b 1910, Thomas H b 1911, Lily b 1913, Jessie M b 1915, Archibald H b 1916, Leslie J b 1918, Jim, Marcelle, Henry, Joyce and Dorothy all at Narrandera. GEORGE d 1929. JULIA and GEORGE are buried at the Grong Grong Cemetery.



CLARA m ERNEST W WILKINSON 12th Dec 1912 Methodist Church, Narrandera by Percy L Black. Children Leonard b 1913, Edna G b 1915, James N b 1916, Norma N b 1918, Don and John all at Narrandera. ERNIE was a train examiner on the railways. Moved to Campsey and Bankstown where ERNIE worked in the Post Office. CLARA died 1963 from sudden heart attack and is buried at Rookwood Cemtery. ERNEST died 1976 from cancer and is buried at Griffith Cemtery.



EMILY m HENRY DEAMUS WILLIAM ADAMS 18th June 1918 Narrandera.  See other notes for our line.



SARAH  never married. She lived with her mother and when she died went to live with her brother William and sister in law Blanche.



JAMES m MARY B F MOUT 1921 Wagga Wagga.  No children found.  James drowned aged 31. Was wounded in France WW1. After recovering he was transferred to the Army Corps and remained there til the end of the War. He developed pneumonia and pleurisy and the effect of gas in the War aggravated this which resulted in his early death aged 31.



Also to drown in the Murrumbidgee River were Edmund and Thomas both buried on the banks of this river. Thomas accidentally drowned while bathing at Roach's Sawmill Colenroobi near Narrandera and an inquest was held.


Next Generation

Marriages of RICHARD HANSELL and KATE FLAHARTY'S children.

Eileen married George C Fogarty 1923 Narrandera. Francis William married Mary Joyce Shirley 2 June 1938 Kyogle (ch Maurice Joseph b 25 March 1939 Kyogle, Mary Rita b 28 July 1940 Southport and Daniel John b 12 March 1942 Southport) and Gladys K married John Weston 1936 Narrandera

Marriages of SUSANNAH and RICHARD BOYD'S children.

Elsie married Francis Louis Jayet 23 Sept 1919 St Stephens, Rutherglen (ch Francis Louis b 1920, Mavis, Marjorie, Iris Valerie and Margaret) Elsie died 2 Aug 1966 Wangaratta, Annie married Kevin Wilson 26 June 1923 St Stephens Rutherglen (ch Brian and Mildred b 1933) Annie died 23 Jan 1963 Reservoir, Jane married Clarence James Kennedy 7 Aug 1920 St Stephens Rutherglen (ch Beryl Kathleen b abt 1921, John Clarence b 1923, Douglas, Bruce Boyd b 13 Aug 1933 and Dennis James b 21 Aug 1941). Jane died 20 Jan 1961 Corowa. Rosalin married Robert Norman Kinnear 28 Mar 1933 St Stephens Rutherglen (ch Eva Rosalin b 7 Sept 1934 Corowa and Robert Boyd b 4 Oct 1941 Corowa) Rosalin died 16 Sept 1996 Bentley WA. Amelia married (1) Ern Barrett (2) Gordon Pearsall (3) Albert John Watson 22 May 1922 St Stephens Rutherglen (ch Edna May b 3 Aug 1922 and Phyllis Irene b 23 Mar 1925) (4) Jack Aubrey Mc Grath 1927 (ch Raye James b 19 Jan 1929) Amelia died 23 Mar 1988 Frankston. Richard married Alice Mary Grey 27 Nov 1928 Presbyterina Ch Chiltern (ch Richard Thomas b 14 Nov 1933 Rutherglen) Richard died 18 Apr 2000 Myrtleford. Robert married Nellie May Kelly 2 Apr 1930 (ch June Mary b 17 June 1930 Rutherglen, Susanne May b 3 May 1937, Lesley Joyce b 24 May 1941 Rutherglen and Desmond John b 22 June 1950 Swan Hill). Robert died 16 June 1964 Swan Hill. William married Dorothy Mavis Cooper 29 Mar 1937 Methodist Ch Rutherglen (ch Raymond Leonard b 17 Dec 1940, Betty Lynette b 9 June 1943, Alan Lindsay b 19 Feb 1948 Rutherglen and Jennifer Lorraine b 19 Feb 1948 Rutherglen. William died 13 Nov 1994 Corowa. Susanniah married John Benson 21 Mar 1936 St Stephens Rutherglen (ch Patricia b abt 1937, Wilma and Richard). Susanniah died 13 Nov 1985 Shepparton and James married Catherine Agatha Mc Mahon 29 Apr 1939 Rutherglen (ch Peter Richard b 9 Feb 1940 Corowa, Michael b 28 June 1941 Corowa, John Francis b 2 Dec 1945 Corowa and Catherine Mary b 6 Feb 1955 Beechworth. James died 10 Oct 1964 Beechworth .

Marriages of MARIA and WILLIAM PEARSON'S children.

William married Ina Coates (ch Norman b 17 Mar 1922, Reginald b 17 Mar 1922 and Daphne b 2 Aug 1931). Edmund married Lucy Lawrence (ch Thelma b 8 Aug 1920, Muriel b 26 Jan 1926, Royce b 6 Jun 1928 and Ray b 11 Dec 1934). John married Thelma Hoban. Thomas married Margaret (Peggy) Hurd. Ethel never married. Jim married Dorothea Hoban. Arthur married Eileen Cross (ch Eileen b 28 Apr 1932, Robert d 1934, Margaret b 26 Jan 1936 and Victor b 28 Jul 1947. Les married Lorna Ethel Gates (ch Anne Carol b 11 Apr 1942 and Ian Gregory b 12 Dec 1943).




Marriages of JOSEPH and FLORENCE OLLERENSHAW’S children.

Marcella m Norman Oswald Ellis 10 Feb 1932 at Narrandera. Joseph m Elsie Helena Dodd 16 Mar 1942 Yass. Ian m Joyce ?  Ray m Kathleen Yates 1939 at Narrandera.  Doreen m Leslie John Reed 1 Oct 1938 at Narrandera. Alan m Edna Grace Brill.


Marriages of FLORA and JOHN CLARK'S children.
Milliver (Milly)
m George Holyoake 15 Feb 1924 (ch Gwendalyn b 20 Oct 1924, Alwayn Fay b 1 Apr 1928, June Yvonne b 6 June 1932, Edward m Jessie (4 ch set of twins) and William Andrew (5 ch). George m Ethel Dagg (ch Floria Hilda, Fredrick, Christine , and George). Thomas m Ruby (ch Barry, Thomas and Merle. David Joseph m Dulcie Fahy (ch Julia anne (m Noel Ldalder (ch Jeffrey Craig and Stephen Andrew b 1 June 1968 twins, Karen Ann b 15 July 1970, Cameron Matthew b 22 July 1974), Marlene Dulcie (m Leonard Stanley Blackett 18 Feb 1961 ch Janice Anne b 21 May 1962, Graham Leonard b 18 Nov 1965, Daryl Glen b 9 Aug 1971, Sharon Dmarice b 10 Oct 1977 and Christopher David b 16 Aug 1977), Lorna Beverly b 8 Apr 1940(m Edward John Knight 15 Dec 1962 ch Christine Fahy b 22 Sept 1963, Andrew John b 16 Jan 1966 and Gordon Edward 22 Sep 1968). Flora m Phillip Coggan at Griffith (ch Kevin & John twins, Charlie, Jimmy, Kenny, Jannette and Lesley Charles - Flora and Phillip divorced), Robinson/Robertson "Robert" m Nita (ch June Marion, Robert and Betty) and Ernest "errie" m Marge Anstee (ch John (m Colleen ch Christopher Luk and 1 girl) and Bryan)


Marriages of WILLIAM HANSELL and BLANCHE DAINE's children.
 Blanche m Harry Weston 1932 at Griffith (ch Dorothy, John, Irvin, Judy and Ken). Susannah m Arthur R Lodding 1929 at Ardlethan (1 child Beryl), Alma m William Harrison (ch Vera, Margaret, Merrin and Neville), William Joseph m Dorothy Thompson (children Vincent, Charles, Graham,Gary and Alma), Charles m Eileen Atkins (ch John and Jean), Harold m Mavis Jones (ch Alan, Errol, Kerry and Darlene), Vera married Edward Channon (ch Charles, Peter and Yvonne) and Percy m Dorothy Beer (ch Neville, Noeleen, David and Dawn - twins).

Marriages of ANNIE and WILLIAM HONNIBALL's children.
Winnifred Grac
e m ? Thomas (ch 2 girls & 6 boys), William (Bill) married Grace ? (ch John, Trevor and Sandra), Eric m Dot (ch 2 Lester & ?), Linda m Ron Baldwin (large family 7-8 ch), Alexander (Alec) m Doreen Schaeche (ch Margaret and Jeanette), John never married (d abt 1936).

Marriages of ANNIE and RICHARD BURROWS children.
Rita m ? Haynes (ch Joy and Susanne) and Anne m Herbert Charles Boadle (Bert) (ch Ian Charles and Jeffrey Richard.


Marriages of JULIA and GEORGE RICHARDS’s children.

Jessie Maud m Frank Smith.  Lily m Eric M Oxley 1934 at Narrandera.. Leslie James m Bessie Richards.  Archie m Ollie Alexander.  Jim m Betty, Marcelle m John Gilmour, Henry never married.  George m Maria Johnston.  Tom never married.  Joyce m Sydney Lipscombe and Dorothy m George Davies.



Marriages of CLARA and ERNEST WILKINSON’S children.

Leonrd m Marjory Blacker no children. Jim m Joan (Donald, Terry, Ernest & Elizabeth). Edna G m Herbert Walter Murri Hick 1935 at Narrandera(ch Norma,Walter, Margaret & Gwendoline). James N m Doris Gwendoline Ford 1937 at West Wyalong.  Norma Maria m Frank Joseph Carr 1944 at Narrandera(1 child died 1 day old)m (2) Noel Reeves no children. Don never married was killed in car accident 1941. John m Iris (ch Kay, Janet, John).


Marriages of AMELIA and JOHN PEARSON'S children.

Amelia (Win) married 1st James O'Day. 2nd Patrick Farrelly. No children from either marriage. Gladys (Bub) m Douglas Fanstone. 1 child Dorothy (m Robert Marks ch Donald, Christine (m Bryan Pitarino), Josephine and Edward). John Joseph m Georgina May Hannel 24 Dec 1930 (ch Elsie May b 26 Sept 1933 Sydney (m Keith Mack ch Marilyn & Janeen), Daisy (Gloria)m John Pincott 1954 (ch Stephen, Glenn, Brett & Tracy), June b 25 Oct 1939 Sydney (m Frederick Fallon 1960 ch Drew, & Mark), John b 30 June 1943 (m Jean Stewart ch & Mary Almond nee Almond ch Leanne, John & Brett), John and June) and Daisy Geraldine m John Gavin Stevenson Jan 13 1934 Narrandera (ch Gavin b 18 Mar 1943).

Marriages of AMELIA and DAVID NEWMAN'S children.

Violet married Claude Robert Dunn 1937 Narrandera (ch Dawn, Max and Barry). James (Jim) married Audrey Vera Chamption 1939 Narrandera (ch Marie, June, Louise, Barry and Calvin). Lily married Eric Litchfield 1935 Leeton (1 child Shirley (m Colin Richards 2 boys) and David married Edna Barratt (ch Sandra and Noel).

Thanks to Caron Adams for this information