Interesting snippets of information which may or may not relate to our branch of the family. All comments welcome.

Henry Hounsell was Mayor of Bridport, 1939-40 - Bridport Past by Gerald Gosling

My Hounsells are from Dorset too. I am descended from Mary Hounsell who married John Palmer at Long Bredy in 1801. Mary was baptised at Long Bredy in 1782. She was the daughter of John and Elizabeth Hounsell. She had 2 brothers James and William and 2 half brothers Henry and Edmund. Her father John had previously been married to Mary (Thorner) who died in 1773. Hope these folk might ring a bell with somebody - Maureen Bowler Caerphilly, South Wales

There is a Hound's Hill near Wimborne Minster, Dorset and there was a 16th century Hounsell called William de Hunsehill. - (From Karen Chessell)

We have a connection with Thomas Hardy. In his Wessex novels he calls Bridport 'Port Bredy'. If you are interested in knowing what his names were for the other places in Dorset, click here.

Walter Hounsell and his son Leonard carried out work for Thomas Hardy including construction of steps, door surrrounds and a fireplace for his house at Dorchester called Max Gate. As Poet Laureate, Hardy's remains were interred at Westminster Abbey in 1928. However Leonard had the responsibility of fulfilling Hardy's wish of having his heart buried at Stinsford in his beloved Wessex.

On a wider calssical note, Daniel Defoe confuses the reader as he described Bridport as a 'pretty large corporation town on the seashore, though without a harbour' in 1724. - Source: The Bridport essay notes by Paul Hyland on the Godfrey edition reprints (1990) of the Old Ordinance survey maps - Dorset sheet 38.10 Bridport 1901.

The first mention of Hounsells in the Dorset area goes back to the 1200s. The name has many forms of spelling including Hounsel, Houncell, Howndsell, Hansell and Ansell. Hounsells are believed to have helped King Charles escape to France - Dennis Hounsell (Guild of One Name Studies)

A Richard Hounsell from Bridport, Dorset who owned a ropewalk, went to Canada in 1815. There is evidence of a window in St. Mary's Bridport depicting a ship which the family owned. - (From Ruth Lorenson)

A Thomas Hounsell served aboard the "Grand Sovereign" at the Battle of Trafalgar. - ( From Fred Cooze)

Joseph Hansell (son of Edmund Hounsell and Susanna Gale) was born in 1839 at Wyke Regis, Dorset. He married Susanne White from Portland on 7 Sept 1860. He was a mill sawyer. Joseph changed his name from Hounsell to Hansell when he arrived in Australia. Susanne died in 1862. He then married Maria Day at Beaufort, Victoria on 1 Jan 1871. They went on to have 14 children. (FamilyTreeMaker.Com)

A newspaper cutting in the Bridport archives tells of a Mr Henry Hounsell from Dorset who went to the Isle of Sheppey and in 1869 set up a business (Iron monger and repair). It was still Hounsell Bros. Ltd. in 1969. It did not say which part of Dorset he came from, or how long before he set up a business. However, it could be an interesting lead for anybody missing a Henry Hounsell in their forward research of that period. -(From Reg Hounsell)

The Father of Wilfred Hounsell was a coach driver on the mail coaches from Somerset to London. Being partial to booze, (which was supposedly to combat the cold on the journey), he got so drunk one night that he fell from the top of his coach, and was dismissed. He brought his family up to London, on the newly constructed Railway, and got work in King's Cross Potato Market. Wilfred Hounsell and his son William (Bill) and grandson Jim (b. 1952) were Porters in Covent Garden Fruit & Vegetable market. - (From Jim Hounsell)

Edward (Albert) Alfred Frampton born 1870, who was a bricklayer by trade, married Anna Hounsell who was born about 1875, possibly in the Weymouth area. They got married in Chatham, Kent in 1895 and later emigrated to Canada. They had five children and numerous grandchildren. Richard Framton, one of the grandchildren has a website. If you would like to visit it click here . Richard is trying to find out when his grandparents emigrated and exactly where his father was born.

Spooky note - Something I found on the web. An Edward Frampton born in 1297 of Morton Dorsetshire married a femail Hunsell (first name not known).

Even more spooky note - Edmund Hounsell married Susanna Gale in the early 1800's, Arthur Hounsell married Annie Gale in 1874 and John Hounsell who possibly murdered his wife Mary wanted to marry Elizabeth Gale who's husband died shortly after Mary Hounsell.