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Aaron Sanders

Abigail Stafford

Ada Mary Hounsell

Adrian Major

Adell Morris

Agnes Parsons (neeHounsell)(b.1768)

Alan Higgins*

Alan Hounsell

Alan Robert Hounsell

Albert Edward Hounsell (b. 1886)

Alethea Holden (nee Hounsell) (b. 1871)

Alexei Percival (b.1997)

Alfred Herbert Hounsell (b. 1880)

Alfred Thomas Charlton (b. 1893)

H.L. (Alice) Hounsell (nee Beaver)

Alicia Marie Hounsell

Amanda Anne Hounsell*

Amanda Hounsell (b. 1880)

Amanda Jane Waterman

Amber-Rose Jade Roberts

Amy Aleisha Pettit

Amy Claire Hounsell*

Anabell Terrie Short

Anabel Trigo Monteiro

Andrew Leonard Jennings

Andy Vague

Angelo Ray Short (b.1976)

Anna Collins Hounsell (b. 1822)

Anna Weakley Hounsell (b.1877)

Anna Hounsell (nee Groves)

Anne Bowditch

Anne Morris (nee Bowen)

Anne Rigler (nee Hounsell)

Annette Desiree Short*

Ann Hounsell (nee ? b. 1680)

Ann Hounsell (b. 1759)

Ann Hounsell

Annie Hounsell (nee Gale b.1874))

Annie Pettit (nee Harder)

Annie Short

Anthony (Tony) George Waterman

Anthony (Tony) Major

Arnie Berg

Arthur Hounsell (b.1848)

Arthur Hounsell (known as Frank) (b.1908)*

Arthur Robert Morris

Arthur Robinson (b. 1878)

Barry Palmer

Barry Percival

Beatrice Emma Muir (nee Charlton) (b. 1882)

Benjamin Ivan White (b.1975)*

Ben Moynihan

Bertha Schenk (b. 1836)

Bertha Wardell (nee Hounsell) (b. 1870)

Bertram Heartrup Shiord(?)

Betty Hounsell (b.1765)

Betty Hounsell (nee Townsend)*

Brenda June Waterman (nee Hounsell (b.1949)

Brent MacDonald

Brett Alan Price*

Braidan Ward*

Brian Hounsell*

Brian Nevill Hounsell*

Brooklyn Hounsell (b.1999)*

Camron Lee Hounsell

Carl Michael Taylor

Carmen Hounsell

Carol Diane Roberts

Caroline Schenk (nee Hounsell)

Caroline Tracey Stafford (nee Mitchell)

Catherine Hounsell (nee Peach)

Catherine Hounsell (nee Van Rensen)

Cathy-Ann Rollinson (nee Ward)*

Cecil Frederick Morris

Chantal Allard

Charles Amor

Charles Floyd Morris

Charles Haddon

Charles Robert Morris

Charles Thomas Hounsell (b. 1888?)

Charles Whittle Gale

Charles Winzar (b. 1856)

Charles Winzar (b. 1859)


Charlotte Elizabeth Drew (nee Gerke)

Charlotte Maria Hounsell (nee Hendry )(b. 1875)

Charmaine Hounsell (nee ?)

Christina Smith

Christine Robinson (nee Hounsell)*

Christine Sonya Margaret Higgins (Tilbery)(neeHounsell) (b.1943)

Christine Anne Smith (nee Stafford)

Christopher Hounsell

Christopher Hounsell

Christopher Hounsell

Christopher Richard Schiffer

Christopher Robbin Pettit


Cindy Jane Major (Waterman)

Clara Louisa Hounsell (nee Winzar)

Clare Elizabeth Elston (nee Waterman)

Clarice Hounsell (nee Escott)*

Colin Charles White (b. 1949)*

Colin Iain Alexander McKay*

Connie Ann (Froats)McKay (nee Short)*

Constance Groves ? (nee Hounsell)(b. 1884)

Cora (?)

Craig Jeffrey Pettit

Craig Lindsay Nairn

Cyril Hounsell (b.1916)*

Cyril Daniel Morris

Daisy Hounsell (nee Lester)

Daniel Jaques Allard

Daniel Stafford

Daniel Vanderveyrre

Darren Deane

David Canning

David Hounsell*

David Hounsell

David Leslie Short*

David Palmer

David Roberts*

David Walton

Debbie Hounsell (nee Hope)*

Debra Anne Nairn (nee Taylor)

Debra (Deborah) Shire (neeHounsell) (b.1765)

Derek Baynham

DeziRae Kaylee Short*

Diane Gail Short*

Dominic James Lee Elston

Don MacDonald

Donald Richard Short*

Doreen Palmer (nee Hounsell)

Doris Hounsell (nee Skinner)

Doris Hounsell (nee Deakin)

Dorothy Alethea Holden (1899)

Dorothy Evelyn Hounsell (nee Owen)

Dorothy Hounsell (nee Gundry)

Dorothy Hounsell (nee Boekhoven)*

Dorothy May Drew (nee Wiltshire)

Douglas Winzar Hounsell

Dylan Taylor*

Edith Emily Hounsell (b. 1882)

Edith Grace Chessell (nee Hounsell) b.1887

Edward Baynham

Edward (Ted) Charles Garside*

Edward Gear

Edward Norman Francis Lester*

Edwin Amor

Ellen Hounsell (b. 1821)

Elizabeth Hounsell (nee Hansford)

Elizabeth Hounsell (nee Handsford)

Elizabeth Hounsell (nee Lloyd)

Elizabeth House

Elizabeth Pashen (nee Bowditch)

Elizabeth Lowman

Elizabeth Maher

Eliza Charlton (nee Gear) (b. 1879)*

Elsie Hounsell

Elsie Victoria Hounsell (nee Brace)*

Emily Hounsell

Emily Hounsell (b. 1815)

Emily Hounsell (nee Sayers)

Emily Schenk (b. 1839)

Emily Short*

Emma Jane Townsend (nee Hounsell)

Eric George Froats*

Eric Robert Morris

Ernest Milton Morris

Ernest Albert Holden (b. 1868)

Esther Hounsell (b. 1782)

Esther Hounsell (b.1837)

Ethel Mary Hounsell (b. 1875)

Eunice Hounsell (b.1848)

Evelyn Edith Charlton (b. 1896)

Ewart Arthur Reginald Hounsell*

Ewart (known as John) Hounsell*

Felicity Short*

Florence Jessie Hounsell (nee Charlton b.1904)*

Francis Jane Charlton (b. 1884)

(known as Frank) Arthur Hounsell (b.1908)*

Frank Arthur Taylor

Frederick George Hounsell b.1862

Frederick Hounsell (b.1843)

Frederick James Morris

Frederick Richard Hounsell (b. 1874)

Gemma Roberts

Genna Roberts

George Frederick Murray Canning

George Frederick Hounsell (b.1839)

George Hounsell Morris

George Hounsell (b.1842)

George (Stanley) Hounsell (b.1917)*

Gertrude Hounsell

Gillian Anne Taylor (nee Hounsell)* (b.1953)

Gertrude Ellen Shiord (?) (nee Charlton)

Glynn Hounsell*

Gordon Jesus Short (b.1978)*

Gordon Jesus Short Jnr. (b.2005)

Gordon Kenneth Short*

Gordon Taylor*

Gwen Roberts (nee Gash)*

Hannah Roberts

(known as Harry) Henry Reginald Hounsell*

Hannah Ewens (nee Hounsell)

Hannah Hounsell (nee ?)

Hannah Hounsell b 1744

Hannah Hounsell b. 1774

Hannah Tewkesbury

Hannah Vague

Harriet Hounsell (b. 1817)

Harry Hounsell

Harry Walter Hounsell

Helen Hounsell (nee Clarke)

Helen Irene Roberts

Henrietta Hounsell

Henrietta Hounsell (b. 1819)

Henry (known asHarry) Hounsell (b.1912)*

Henry Hounsell

Henry House

Herbert Ambrose Morris

Herbert Ernest Charlton

Herbert Eustace Roberts

Hilda Dorothy Charlton (b. 1898)

H.L. (Alice) Hounsell (nee Beaver)

Ian Hounsell

Ian Richard Taylor

Ian Walton

Irena Short

Irene Roberts (nee Hounsell) (b1910)*

Isabelle Wallings (b1998)*

Ivy Hope Morris

Jack Henry Edward Sharpe

Jack Spencer Broughton(b.2000)

James Elston

James Hounsell

James Hounsell (b. 1780)

James Joseph Morris

James Ralph Pettit*

James Robinson

James Ryan Hounsell (b.1994)

Jamie Aaron Pettit

Jamie Vague

Jane Anne Percival (nee Palmer)

Jane Hounsell (nee Kavanagh)

Janet MacDonald (nee Berg)

Jayne Hounsell (nee ?)

(Marie) Jean Hounsell (nee Fitch)*

Jean Hounsell (nee ?)

Jeffrey Brian Wayne Hounsell

Jeffrey Melvin Pettit

Jennifer Jayne Mary Anne

Jennifer Susan Moynihan (nee Hounsell)

Jesse Lodge

(Reginald) Jesse Roberts*

Jesse William James Pettit

Jessica Dawn Hounsell*

Jessica Elizabeth Cowie*

(known as Jess) Tracey Sarah Lancaster (nee Hounsell)

Jim-Bob Noble Hazard Ward*

Jimmy Hounsell

Joanna Hounsell (nee Davies)

Joanna Percival (b 1999)

Joanne (?) Stafford

John Edward Pettit

John Greenham

John (known as Jack) Hounsell (b.1914)*

John Hounsell (b. 1695)

John Hounsell (b. 1715)

John Hounsell (b. 1745)

John Hounsell (b. 1750)

(known as John) Leslie Hounsell*

John Michael Hounsell (b.1941)

John Palmer

John Rigler

John Roberts*

John Robinson*

John Ross Hounsell

John Walton

John Wayne Murray Ward*

John Winzar b 1846

John Winzar b. 1867

Jon Hounsell (stillborn 1989)

Jonathan Michael Canning

Jordan Roberts

Jordan Taylor*

Joseph Archibald Morris

Joseph Amor

Joseph Hounsell (b.1753)

Joseph Hounsell (b.1753)

Joseph Hounsell (b. 1784)

Joseph Hounsell

Joseph Parsons

Joyce Ann Pettit

Joyce Pettit (nee Hounsell)*

Julia Rosalind Card (nee Jennings)

Julie Ann Hounsell (nee Hind)

Julie Hounsell (nee ?)*

Julie Vague (nee Hounsell)

Katlynn Ann Marie Pettit

Karen Chessell

Karen Pettit (nee Pressey)

Karl Loring Schiffer

Kate Emma Steinlake (nee Morris)

Kate Patricia Deane (previously Edgar)(nee Tilbery)

Katherine Hounsell

Kathleen Margaret Evans (nee Morris)

Kathleen Mary Hounsell (nee Bakes) (b1948)*

Katrina Wallings (nee Hounsell) (b1972)*

Keegan Rollinson

Kieron John Roberts

Keith Oswald Morris

Kelsie Anne Nairn

Kelsey Frances Joyce Pettit

Kenneth Brian Hounsell

Kenneth Rollinson*

Ken Read*

Kevin (known as Ken) Hounsell (b. 1935)*

Kevin Hounsell


Kt Marie Louise Clare Elston

Lancelot Albert Chessell (b. 1918)

Lancelot George Chessell

Laura Attersley*

Laura Hildred Morris

Laura Hounsell

Laura Jane Jennings (nee Knappitsch)

Laura Lynn Hounsell (b. 1984)

Lauren Card

Lauren Jade Hounsell*

Lee Gordon Waterman

Lee Thomas Edgar

Lee Wallings*

Lee Walton

Lee Wesley Nickerson Jr.*

Leo Augustine Morris

Leonard Hounsell


Leslie Charles Hounsell (b1920)*

Leslie John (known as John) Hounsell*

Lillian Morris (nee Maclean)

Linda Mary (Canning)Garside (nee Hounsell)*

Linda Ruth (Schiffer) (Cowie)Nickerson (nee Short)*

Lisa Hounsell

Llewellyn Lancaster

Lois Eliza Drew (nee Hounsell)(b. 1873)

Lois Ethel Drew (b. 1909)

Lorna Chessell (nee Robertson)

Louisa Greenham (nee Hounsell)

Louisa Winzar (nee Stickland)

Louise Walton (nee Lancaster)

Louise Hounsell

Lewis Braughton

Luke Roberts

Lynn Joan White (nee Hounsell)*

Mabel Amor Hounsell

Mable Lillian Charlton

Madeline Ruth Smith

Marc Shaun Roberts

Margaret Ann Ward (nee Hounsell)*

Margret Bueno Short (nee?)

Marjorie Anna Hounsell (nee Sawtell)(Fernandes)*

Mark Hounsell

Marley Kristen Nicole Pettit

Martha Elizabeth Hounsell (nee Wilkinson) (b. 1881)

Mary Ann Amor

Maryanne Burmingham

Mary Ann Eliza Gear (b. 1878)

Mary Ann Gear (Nee ?)

Mary Ann Hounsell (b. 1780)

Mary Ann Morris (nee Hounsell) (b1840)

MaryAnn Pettit (nee Vanwychin)

Mary Bagg (nee Hounsell)

Mary Elizabeth Pettit

Mary Hounsell (nee Colfox)

Mary Hounsell (nee Fowler)

Mary Hounsell (nee Lance)

Mary Hounsell (b.1821)

Mary Hounsell (nee Hooper)

Mary Hooper Hounsell (b.1852)

Mary Hounsell (nee Thorner)

Mary McDonald Morris (nee Watson)

Mary Palmer (nee Hounsell)

Mary Philomena Morris (nee Branigan)

Mary Roberts

Mary Schenk (nee Hounsell)

Matthew Card

Maud Mary Morris

Maurice Stafford

Maurice Stafford Jnr

Maxine Lee Hounsell

Mayra Alferez Short

Melissa Jane Hounsell*

Michael Hounsell*

Michael Reginald Hounsell (b.1957)*

Michael Roberts

Mildred Anna Hounsell (b. 1869)

Moyra Hounsell (nee ?)*

Murray Frank Reginald Hounsell*

Nicola Jayne Walton (nee Chaplin)

Nicole Turknett

Nikki Dee Hounsell

Nita Morris

Noel (?)

Olive Mary Hounsell (nee Ravenscroft)*

Oswald Robert Morris

Owen Hounsell (b. 1882)

Paige Hounsell

Pamela Evelyn Short (nee Hounsell)*

Pamela Hounsell (nee DeCastro)*

Patricia Gay Hounsell

Paula Hounsell (nee Walker)

Paula Louise Walton

Paul Ernest Roberts

Paul Michael Hounsell*

Paul James Walton

Paul Michael Cowie

Paul Stafford

Penny Roberts

Percy Morris

Peter Morris

Peter Roberts*

Peter Lindsay Smith

Phillip Hounsell*

Phillis Hounsell

Phoebe Hounsell (nee Collins)

Phoebe Hounsell

Phylis Morris (nee Orr)

Rachel Denise Canning*

Rachel Roberts

Ralph Pettit*

Randall William Brian Hounsell*

Raymond Arthur Hounsell (b. 1879)

Rebecca Lodge (nee Amor)

Reemt Schenk

Reginald Charles Ewart Hounsell (b.1885)*

Reginald Charles Ewart (known as Ewart) Hounsell (b190?)*

Reginald Charles Murray Hounsell (b.1931)

Reginald Hounsell (b. 1945)*

Reginald Hounsell (b. 1878)

(Reginald) Jesse Roberts*

Reginald Peter David Roberts

Reginald Walter George Hounsell (b. 1911)


Richard Hounsell*

Richard James Sanders

Richard Sharpe

Richard Way

Robert Berg

Robert Gordon McKay*

Robert Leo McKay*

Robert Payne Morris

Robert Sanders

Roger John Barton Jennings

Roger Leslie Hounsell*

Roy Godber*

Rozayah Marjorie Short*

Ruben David Short (b. 1980)

Ruth Braughton (nee Palmer)

Ryan Leslie Charles Hounsell (b.1973)*

Sam Sharpe

Sandra Short

Sandy (?) Stafford

Sarah Amor

Sarah Amor (nee Hiron)

Sarah Hounsell (neeAmor)

Sarah Hounsell

Sarah Hounsell (Roper)(nee Bowditch)

Sarah Hounsell (nee Hook)

Sarah Norman Hounsell (nee Harris)

Sarah Robinson (nee Hounsell) (b. 1854)

Sarah Verity Sharpe (nee Tilbery)

Sean Edward Pettit

Selina Hounsell (b. 1827)

Sharon Hounsell (nee Austen)

Shaun Roberts

Shawn Froats*

Sheila Haddon (formerly Stafford /Nicholson)(nee Hounsell)

Shirley Ann June Roberts (nee Standing)

Shirley Patricia Read (nee Hounsell)*

SidneyAllen Palmer

Sierra Audrey Price*

Sophie Heather Nairn

Sophie Victoria Smith

Stephanie Catherina Hounsell*

Stephanie Hounsell (nee Atwood)*

Stephanie Roberts (nee ?)

Stephen Murray Hounsell*

Stephen Nicholson

Stephen Roberts

Stephen Townsend

Steven Hounsell

Stevie-Leigh Hounsell

Sue (?)

Susan Joy Baynham (nee Hounsell)

Susan May Roberts (nee Booy)

Sylvia Pauline Jennings (nee Hounsell)*

Theresa Helen Sanders (nee Hounsell)*

Terry Tilbery

Thelma Marsden Morris (nee Bellamy)


Thomas Charlton (b. 1856)

Thomas Collins Hounsell Snr (b. 1785)

Thomas Collins Hounsell Jnr (b. 1828)

Thomas Henry Hounsell (b. 1876)

Thomas Hounsell (b. 1757)

Thomas Hounsell (b.1774)

Thomas Hounsell (b.1820)

Thomas Hounsell (b. 1844)

Thomas Hounsell (b1846)

Thomas Shire

Thomas Winzar b. 1821

Thomas Winzar b 1846

Tim Roberts

Tracey Hounsell (nee Wilson)

Tracey (Jess) Lancaster (nee Hounsell)

Tracy Waterrman (nee Miller)

Travis Baynham

Trevor Edwin Hounsell*

Trevor Roberts

Valerie Berg (nee Hounsell)*

Venetia Hounsell (nee Bebbington)

Vicky Major

Vida Marsden Morris (nee Alderson)

Vincent Michael Roberts

Walter John Bowditch Hounsell

Walter John Hounsell (b. 1883)

Walter Timothy Wardell (b.1862)

Wanda Virginia Taylor (nee Ward)*

Wayne Cecil Froats

Wayne James George Ward*

(Known as Wes) Lee Wesley Nickerson Jr*.

Wilfred Austin (John) Evans

William Amor

William Bagg

William Drew (b. 1873)

William George Drew

William Henry Stenlake

William Hounsell (b. 1713)

William Hounsell (b.1741)

William Hounsell (b.1748)

William Hounsell (b.1770)

William Housell (b. 1775)

William Hounsell (b. 1777)

William Hounsell (b. 1814)

William Hounsell (b. 1820)

William Hounsell (b.1820)

William Hounsell (b.1823)

William Hounsell (b.1838)

William Muir

William Nicholson

William P. Robinson (b. 1880)

William Schenk

Winifred Faith Morris (nee Payne)

Zoe Roberts

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