George (Stanley) Hounsell
(Marie) Jean Fitch
b 24/5/1917
b. 9/7/1921
Gainsford End, Essex
Two children
d. 11/03/1980
Ian Christopher
b. 26/10/1946
b. 09/06/1956

Braintree, Essex

Braintree, Essex.
d. 10/05/1961


George was only christened "George". He was born on Empire Day in George V's reign. "Mr George Stanley" was an alias invented by his father when he somehow fixed him up with a job with a local firm, probably "pulling a few strings" and wishing to avoid an obvious connection! When he went back into civilian employment after the war, he somehow emerged as "Stanley George Hounsell" which has stuck ever since in all but family circles.

George was at school in Egypt until the age of 14, when he travelled back to England to be apprenticed to a Colonel Russell, a Gloucestershire farmer and former bodyguard to George V, in order to learn the poultry business. (This scheme was set up by his father. George had ambitions of joining the Merchant Navy and seeing the world but did what he was told instead!)

When the rest of the family returned from Egypt, George left the farm and joined them at Eastwood. With the family's help he set up a small poultry farm which was still struggling to get established when war broke out. The flock was sold off and George went to work briefly for a local carpentry firm before volunteering for the Army. (George was heartbroken that all the work that had been put in was wasted, but as his father held the purse strings he could not keep going without his continued financial support. Reginald apparently expected feed to become short and for poultry farming to become uneconomical in wartime.

He joined the Royal Corps of Signals as a Dispatch Rider and was posted to the 3rd. (British) Infantry Division. He spent four years in the UK before taking part in the Normandy landings on "D-Day".

George first met his future wife, Jean Fitch, before the war, apparently when they made up a foursome for a day out with Leslie and Jean's cousin, Betty. They were married in 1943 and on his demob from the Army in 1946 George went to live with Jean at her parents' home in Bocking, Essex. This was not easy as Jean had two unmarried brothers and she was expecting her first baby - tempers apparently frayed!

George found work with the Crittall Window Company, working initially on the shop floor. While there he was an active Trades Unionist, becoming District Secretary of the Amalgamated Engineering Workers Union. With the death from leukaemia of his eldest son, Brian, in 1961, George withdrew from the Trades Union movement to spend more time with his family. He maintained some involvement in politics and served as a local Councillor in the 1970's. After some 30 years with Crittall Windows, George was made redundant following it's takeover by a larger company. He had several short term jobs before taking early retirement in 1979 to care for Jean, who was by now very ill. She died in 1980.

Since then George has continued to live in the same area and has spent a lot of his time on his hobby/cottage industry of making wooden toys, particularly dolls' houses. His son Ian and family have lived nearby during much of this time, and George has often been involved in caring for his granddaughters Amy and Lauren.