Herbert Eustace Roberts
Irene Hounsell
b. 02/02/1904
Chatham Registry Office
b. 10/03/1910
d. 30/06/1990
Four Children
d. 13/04/1987
John Michael
(Reginald )Jesse
b. 11/06/1930
East Dean
East Dean
East Dean
East Dean
d. about 1986
Herbert had just completed a six year engagement with the Royal Engineers ( The same regiment as his father-in-law) and was discharged at Chatham. That is how he met Irene. Her father was not at all pleased at the marriage as Reginald had big ideas of his only daughter marrying an officer. Herbert was just a private! On their wedding certificate Herbert's father is shown as Willliam Thomas Roberts, Master Builder, and Irene's father is shown as Lieutenant Royal Engineers. The witnesses were F.J. Hounsell and F. Walter. Herbert rushed Irene off to Petersfield where his parents were living and soon found a house at East Dean a few miles away.