Walter John Bowditch Hounsell
Clara Louisa Winzar
b. 11th November 1857
died 24/03/1939*aged 79
died 3/08/1938* aged 80
Four children
Douglas Winzar
Harry Walter
Charles Thomas
christened 10/9/1882
christened 8/8/1884
christened 9/11/1887
christened 18/06/1891
died 07/03/1940*
died 06/05/1923*

Parish Registers of Broadwey, Dorset show the marriage of Walter John Bowditch Hounsell 22 (Stonemason) to Clara Louisa Winzar (23). Her father, Thomas Winzar is a Blacksmith. Witnesses are Thomas Winzar and Amelia Mary Symonds.

Clara Louise Winzar was baptised at St Nicholas Church 28 August 1859. By the time of the 1881 census she was recorded as living in Melcombe Regis. The head of household was George Wallis and she is described as his neice. This is probably her mother's relative.

*From Broadwey Monumental Inscriptions.

Walter and son Leonard carried out work for Thomas Hardy including construction of steps, door surrrounds and a fireplace for his house at Dorchester called Max Gate. As Poet Laureate, Hardy's remains were interred at Westminster Abbey in 1928. However Leonard had the responsibility of fulfilling Hardy's wish of having his heart buried at Stinsford in his beloved Wessex.