Wayne James George Ward
m. 15/01/1966
Margaret Ann Hounsell
b. 6 Sept 1944 Maidstone, Kent
Four Children


Wanda Virginia
Jim-Bob Noble Hazard
Jim Wayne Murray
b. 15 Jan 1967
b. 30 May 1970
twins b. 21 Jan 1978
London, Ontario
London, Ontario
Wiarton, Ontario.


Wayne and Margaret built a house after they moved up North to a place called Lion's Head. This is a very small village and the house was actually outside of the town (see photos). They were almost surrounded by miles of bush. Black bears would be seen climbing the cliffs next to our front lawn. They of course were not the only dangerous animals around there and the family had many memoriable experiences up north. Wayne's ancestors moved to this area when they immigrated from Ireland and England, and actually helped to build the roads and communities, so the time up there was very special for the family. Wayne and Margaret built and ran a big welding shop next to the house. Margaret worked very hard, side by side, with Wayne trying to make a living up there.

Wayne is still a welder and has his own businesss doing wrought iron. Marg is now working in a factory as an extruder operator. Both the boys are welders and the girls work in a factory.