Wayne Cecil Froats
1st marriage of
Connie Ann Short
b. 15/03/1958 Sacramento, California
two children
Eric George
b. 27/07/1977
b. 22/02/1982
Robert Leo McKay
2nd marriage of
Connie Ann Short
two children
Colin Iain Alexander
Robert Gordon
b. 30/10/1989
b. 08/05/1993

Connie worked at the horserace track for sulky horses for 14 years on and off but now works as an income tax preparer. Horses are her true love but it just doesn't pay enough. She also does bookkeeping and accounting. Her husband, known as Leo, is a welder by trade. He loves to hunt, fish and raise pheasants. One of his brothers, Donald, has a farm and they are partners with the pheasants. The flight pens are at the farm and they hatch the chicks in incubators and brood them in the garage in town. He was born and raised on a farm outside of Embro where one of his other brothers, Bill, still farms the home place. He is one of nine children, having one sister and seven brothers.

Eric is a competition drummer with a pipeband. He also has his own rock band and plays a full set of drums. In school he plays percussion with the orchestra. He has recently taken part in a Cadet Tatoo in Hamilton at Copps Coliseum with cadets from all over Canada participating. The newspaper cutting was when Eric was 16. It is inacurate as it says his grandfather was a pilot when he was in fact a radio specialist. It also says he held the rank of "warden" when, in fact, he is a Warrant Officer. Eric has been the Company Sargeant Major for the last two years in his corps.

Colin has been learning the bagpipes for two years and has been allowed on parade since this spring. He has also been competing at Highland Dance for two years and does quite well.

Robbie has just started competing at Highland Dance this year.

The pipeband is having a nintieth anniversary reunion in the first weekend in September and they are later going to Richmond, Michigan, USA for a huge parade. They sometimes have three parades in a weekend in different towns, including fall fair parades and Christmas parades.