There has been a lot of information coming through recently on the Hounsell message boards at Everyone involved is keen to see it shared with others so I am including it here. It may be a little difficult to follow at times but it makes very interesting reading for those searching for their Hounsell roots. Once again, I take no credit for any of the research, I just want to collect everything available about Hounsells and keep it safe in one place. Special thanks to Sue Greene, Maureen Bowler, Karen Chessell, Sue White, and any others I may have missed.


Does this work? Percervil Edmund Hounsell b.4.20.1873, Kent England, His wife Margaret, came from St. Johns Newf. Father may have been Harold J Hounsell. From:

Unfortunately I don't know of any Hounsells from Kent - all mine were from Dorset. Happy hunting, Karen (Chessell)

Looking for any information about the family of HEZEKIAH HOUNSEL born 1799 in MOUNTFIELD, SUSSEX. He later moved to Brede, Sussex. Sue White

It works. My line originates in Rhineland, Germany. Yours is the 1st I've heard of from England, but I haven't been doing this all that long. Have you tried searching S L Voyles

Do you think that the name is German? I thought it came from Hounds Hill in Dorset. Karen

Hi The answer is yes, though yours is the first posting I've seen.I think the family below are yours in the 1881 census.
Dwelling: Locks Bottom Model Cottage Census Place: Farnborough, Kent, England

Source: FHL Film 1341203 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 0858 Folio 93 Page 45 Marr Age Sex Birthplace
John HOUNSELL M 40 M Towpuddle, Dorset, England Rel: Head Occ: General Lab
June HOUNSELL M 40 F Colyton, Devon, England Rel: Wife
Harold J. HOUNSELL U 13 M Melton Bagont, Bedford, England Rel: Son Occ: Scholar
Reginald J. HOUNSELL U 11 M Chelsfield, Kent, England Rel: Son Occ: Scholar
Mable H. HOUNSELL U 10 F Farnborough, Kent, England Rel: Daur Occ: Scholar
Percival E. HOUNSELL U 8 F Farnborough, Kent, England Rel: Son Occ: Scholar
Lionel C. HOUNSELL U 5 M Farnborough, Kent, England Rel: Son Occ: Scholar
George V. HOUNSELL 3 M Farnborough, Kent, England Rel: Son
I think John's birthplace should read as Tolpuddle. Looking in the 1851 census index for Dorset produced by the Somerset & Dorset Family History society, I found at Piddletown, Dorset (also known as Puddletown) HO107/1858 folio348 page12
John Hounsell 42 born Axmouth, Devon
Nancy 39 Tolpuddle, Dorset
John 10
Eliza 9 Stoke Abbott,
Jane 7 Osmington
Thomas 2
This looks to be the family of John Hounsell age 40 in 1881 census Hope this helps with your search Regards Maureen Bowler Caerphilly, South Wales


Hi, My HOUNSELLS are from Dorset too. I am descended from Mary HOUNSELL who married John PALMER at Long Bredy in 1801. Mary was baptised at Long Bredy in 1782. She was the daughter of John and Elizabeth HOUNSELL. She had 2 brothers James and William and 2 half brothers Henry and Edmund. Her father John had previously been married to Mary who died in 1773. Hope these folk might ring a bell with somebody Regards Maureen Bowler Caerphilly, South Wales


Maureen, you & I have communicated before, but for the benefit of this rootsweb list, your John Hounsell who married (1) Mary Thorner 1770 & (2) Elizabeth Lloyd 1771 is the brother of my William b1941 who married ELizabeth Lowman 1759 @ Long Bredy. The brothers were the sons of William and Dorothy Gundry who married in 1741 @ Bridport. They had another brother Joseph born 1753 who maried ELizabeth Handsford 1822 @ Powerstock. Their sister Mary married William Bagg 1767 Long Bredy. My William had three sons William, Henry & Thomas. William married Mary Hooper 1818 Dorchester, Henry married Mary Lance 1796 Blandford and I have no marriage for Thomas. Their sisters were: Ann b1759 who married John Rigler, Deborah who married Thomas Shire, Agnes who married Joseph Parsons, also Betty & Sarah for whom I have no marriages. Your Mary's brother Edmund b1772 married Mary Scammell, I think - is that right? It would be great if other researchers connected up with this lot. Karen

(Karen is checking this information as she is not sure where some of it came from)


Hi all, I have had access to the English Times newspaper indexes. Yesterday I was able to have access to the actual newspapers and looked up the newspaper reports for Mary Hounsell inquest 1839 Bridport and the criminal trial of her husband John Hounsell. Unfortunately when I tried to get a copy of the trial the machine does not copy very well, the print is very small and I have to use a magnifying glass to read it, the words in some parts have all run together but I hope to be able to transcribe it. However the inquest for Mary is easier to read. If any one would like a copy of the articles I will be happy to pass them on once I have transcribed them. There are also other Hounsell's mentioned in the English times and I hope to be able to view all of them we are only allowed to view three papers at a time so as time permits I will do the lot. To give an example of what I have found there are Hounsell's for bankruptcy, civil actions against Hounsell's, estates in liquidation, criminal trials, unclaimed dividends, one in 1903 wills and bequests. In all there are 31 Hounsell's mentioned in the English times dates ranging from 1816 to 1904. The articles may not tell you very much but they are interesting reading. I only have access to the index until the end of this month so I am busy getting as much information from the index as I can then I can spread my trips to the library to view the papers at my leisure. By the way I am in New Zealand our government have the newspapers which started around 1790, some are on film but the most are hard copy and bound in years. When handling the papers it is so easy to get side tracked as they are full of items from around the world. It was interesting reading articles of the 1840's when New Zealand was just beginning to become a colony of England, reading the articles that were being sent back to England about how they saw New Zealand then fascinating reading. Kind regards Sue Greene.

Sue, that sounds very interesting. Would you give us a little information about John Hounsell's 'crime'? I think you & I have communicated before - my ancestor George Frederick Hounsell emigrated to New Zealand in 1891 where he was a Methodist preacher. He died at Gisborne, Poocah (?) Bay and was buried at Houhoupike in 1906. His wife was Sarah Norman Harris and I've never found out when or where he died. Their son stayed in Australia and I can only guess that they chose to go to NZ because they had family there, but I'm not sure. If you have any information that might be relevant I'd be very grateful. Best wishes, Karen

Further details of the inquest and other newspaper reports can be found in the History section.

Hi Sue Thanks for sharing the information you found on the inquest on Mary Hounsell - I had seen the second piece - I believe it was from a book called the "Women of Dorset" but hadn't seen the newspaper report of the inquest before. It was very interesting especially as I have Hounsell connections in Powerstock I have a few more details that may be of interest and may help somebody to claim John Hounsell Apparently John Hounsell was 37 when he was arrested in 1839. (James Gale was 36 when he was buried in Jan 1839 - so I would guess that their wives Mary & Elizabeth were of a similar sort of age?) I wondered if anybody had come across John Hounsell's marriage to Mary? It doesn't seem to have taken place in Powerstock unless it was after 1837. The BVRI shows a marriage at Bridport of John HOUNSELL to Mary TUCK on 29 Oct 1829 (Wife previously married) which is a possible. It would be interesting to learn more about John and where he came from and where he went to. Regards Maureen Bowler Caerphilly, South Wales

Thanks Sue for all your hard work transcribing these fascinating historical documents. I have a newspaper report about the burial of Thomas Hardy's heart - by a Hounsell - would fellow listers be interested? Karen

This too can be found in the History section

Hi Karen, As a follow up to the report on the murder case against John Hounsell that Sue Greene has kindly let us read about, I wondered if there are any marriages post 1839 for John Hounsells in Dorset that might be his marriage to Elizabeth Gale? It would be nice to follow up on the story. Regards Maureen Caerphilly, South Wales

My list of Dorset marriages is pre-1837 - after that time they were recorded centrally. I made a mistake when I said I had all BDMs - so sorry - it's only marriages! These are the Richards:
=Elizabeth Gane 16 Aug 1619 Rampisham
=Hanah Bishop 14 Sept 1697 Bridport
=Mary Hardy 14 July 1778 Lyme Regis
=Grace Legg 26 Feb 1787 Bridport
=Sarah Way 20 Jan 1795 Bridport
=Martha Lacey 25 Dec 1816 Bridport
There were some HOUNSELL-GALE marriages:
Ann=Elias Gale 1 Oct 1752 Powerstock
Edmund=Susanna Gale 14 Dec 1830 Little Cheney
Margaret=William Gale 25 Feb 1765 Netherbury
Sarah=Richard Gale 28 Apr 1724 Powerstock
from Karen

Hello all, Below is the list of Hounsell's mentioned in the English Times Newspapers I am only able to access online the first five, the rest I need to access the actual newspapers. items 3 and 4 I have transcribed and put on the list. To follow are items 1, 2, and 5. Item six just mentions a Hounsell for civil actions in Bridport, no other names or information given so not worth adding. Thought I better explain the enclosed so if anyone else is able to access the papers you will know what to do. You have the date of the paper. A description of the offence etc, then you are given the page the item is on and the column. There are usually 6 columns to each page. If anyone is interested in the items I am not able to access on line, I hope as time permits to get access to the papers in Wellington, so as I get copies I will post them on the list. It will take some time to do as I can only view three papers at one time, and my trips to the city are very limited. As I post them I hope Lynn you will add them to your web page. To follow are the reports for items 1, 2, and 5. Kind regards Sue Greene.

These can be found in their own section on History Page

Re the bankruptcy of 1816: I would think that the A Hounsell of Burton-Bradstock was Andrew Hounsell who married Sarah Chilcott in 1789 at Burton Bradstock. He was listed in 1807 as a freeholder in Burton Bradstock and Bridport. No children for Andrew and Sarah are listed in the IGI. The J Hounsell is much more difficult to identify. In 1807 there was one John Hounsell listed as a freeholder in Bridport. Just a guess, this may have been John born 1747, son of John & Hannah Brown who married Elizabeth Lloyd in 1764 - this would put him at age 69 at the time of bankruptcy - however, I don't have any other Bridport John in my database with a more appropriate age. Karen

Here are three references found for HOUNSELL in Bodleian Library, Oxford: Hounsell, Bernard. Coach drives from London, 2nd edition. Lond. (1892) Hounsell (George C) ed.Flags and Signals of all nations. Hounsell Brothers. Flags and Signals of all nations edited by G.C.Hounsell. London (1873). I took a look at the Flags and Signals book. The most interesting part (for me personally) was an attached poem written about the poor lady who ended up with hundreds of unsold copies of the book! If anyone out there is interested in flags and signals, perhaps these Hounsell brothers are your ancestors! It looks as though George C lost his money through this venture - see bankruptcy 1898 in Sue's Times newspaper list! I'd be happy to transcribe the poem if anyone's interested. Karen

Hi It was interesting to read Sue's list of Hounsell entries in the Times and how some of these seem to tie in with the books by Hounsells Karen found in the Bodleian Library. I think G.C. Hounsell is probably George Collins Hounsell - I found him in the 1881 census living in Twickenham George Collins HOUNSELL M 40 M Bridport, Dorset, England Rel: Head Occ: Merchant He appears to be the son (age 9) of John & Eliza J. Hounsell who were in Bridport in 1851 census. There appear to be cheap rolex replica at least 3 other sons and 3 daughters. John was 59 born Bridport - they seem to be part of the Bridport Hounsells who used Bridport Presbyterian Church for baptisms I would like to read the poem by the lady with all the unsold books.
Hounsell, Bernard. Coach drives from London, 2nd edition. Lond. (1892) He seems to be another Bridport Hounsell to be found in Bradpole in 1881 census Bernard W. HOUNSELL U 21 M Bridport, Dorset, England Rel: Son Occ: Assistant To Managing Director (Clerk) The head of the household was Juliana HOUNSELL M 49 F Reading, Berkshire, England Occ: Twine Manufacturers Wife He too appears in Sue's list of The Times in 1888 & again in 1904 under bankruptcies. There are obviously some interesting stories out there on the Hounsells. I will try and follow some of them up next time I get to my local reference library which I have discovered has back copies of The Times on microfilm. Regards Maureen Bowler Caerphilly, South Wales