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Help on how to use the site

This started out as a site for one branch of the Hounsell family but has rapidly grown as information about other Hounsells has arrived.

The History section contains loads of information gathered regarding other branches of Hounsells, general information, and anything else I can lay my hands on with a Hounsell theme. If you are searching for people not in the main family tree you may find them on the history pages. Try the Other Trees, Feedback from forms page, Canadian conections etc. These pages are not indexed so the best way to search them is to use the Edit>Find(On this page) button on your browser tool bar. Another good way to search this and other sites is to install a toolbar from which allows you to search the web as a whole or individual sites.

To use the main tree you just click on anyone underlined and you will find their children etc.

You can navigate back up through the generations using the "back to parents" buttons.

Alternatively you can find people using the index which I have put in alphabetical order of Christian name, due to the amount of Hounsells!

Pink pages denote you are on an offshoot from the main Hounsell line and are of families of women that have married into the Hounsell family. Blue pages likewise for men.

While visiting a link the writing will turn orange and once visited it will then turn green.

It may be worth using the refresh button on your browser to see if you are displaying the latest version of the pages you have visited before. Your computer may be showing you an older version of the page stored in the cache.

The faimly tree now goes back two more generations than when I first started it. (Not enough forward planning but I never expected it to get this big. The previos generations can be reached by using "back to parent" buttons. The early information has come from Ruth Hounsell who says "About 90% of the information has been checked against either the Census returns and/or Parish and Chapel records. The rest has to be educated guesses as so many of the off-spring are just described in the register as, for example "Joseph, son of John". this is particularly so where there are two Josephs born in the same year to John's two sons, Willliam and John. I may well have attributed the wrong wives to them!"


This site is being continually updated. There may be many mistakes etc. for which I am truly sorry, but I have only bits and pieces of information as you can see from the family tree, and sometimes information differs from source to source. I would be grateful for anything anyone can add (or correct), dates of births, deaths, and marriages etc.

I am interested in any interesting facts or information that could be included relating to any branch of the Hounsell family. As you can see there are photo pages, so if anyone can email or send me photos I would be very grateful. If you need my phone number or address it is at the bottom of the page. Anything sent by mail will be returned as soon as it is scanned. If you like filling forms in online click here


Format of Dates

My apologies to our relations on the American continent, but I started off putting dates the way we do over here, i.e. dd/mm/yyyy so it may look as if I have your birthdays etc. wrong. Anyway, for consistencies sake I have put all dates in English format.



I confess I have not done any "real research" in the making of this website. I am merely collecting as much information as I possibly can get on the Hounsell family and keeping it safely in one place for the enjoyment of Hounsells everywhere. Also I have not cross checked it all so there may be erors. Please let me know if there is anything that you know definitely needs altering.
Many thanks everyone who has sent me information. Special thanks to Rosemary Holman of Dorset who did most of the original research. Without her we would not have had so much information about earlier generations and also to Reg Hounsell who also helped in the early stages.
A special note of thanks to Connie Short who got all the Canadian side of the family sending me information.
Thanks too to Karen Chessell, Maureen Bowler and Sue Greene who are very active on the Rootsweb message boards.
Special thanks to Ruth Hounsell who has kindly allowed me to include loads of information gathered by her.



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P.S. Don't forget to add this page to your favourites so you can check on the new additions. I will be updating it continually as and when I get further information.

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