The History of the Hounsells

The Hounsell's that this web site refers to were originally Shipbuilders, Ropemakers and Stonemasons. Some family members believe they originated in the Cologne area of Germany, but we have not yet traced a connection. They were based around Bridport, Dorchester, Long Bredy, Broadwey and Weymouth etc., Dorset, England.

Hounsell Wills

Database of Hounsell records - Sue Greene and Maureen Bowler have created this and have kindly allowed us all to share it. Thanks Sue and Maureen.

Other Trees

A Possible Hounsell Murder (From The Times Newspaper)

More reports from The Times Newspaper (Thanks to Sue Greene)

The burial of Hardy's Heart (From unknown newspaper clipping)

Information with Hounsell associations - The Bridport museum files

The Hounsells and Fishing

The Mary Hounsell (Boat)

The Hounsell Industries

Feedback Page (from forms submitted to the web site)- The information people are sending in to the web site. (More can be found under Interesting Snippets and Canadian Connections,)

Interesting Snippets relating to Hounsells

Canadian Hounsell Connections - Links with Canada and feedback from the Web site

A link to Fred Cooze's web site about The Hounsells of Newfoundland

Captain Fred Hounsell - from the book "The Serpent's Coil" by Farley Mowat, p. 90 .

Yet More Hounsells - Can you fit them in anywhere?- Information on Hounsells gleaned mostlly from other sources on the web.

Are these your Hounsells? - More information on Hounsells originally sent in to Rootsweb message boards

My Family Name Research by Reg Hounsell - How Reg began researching the Hounsell family.

Some information on Bridport - Including nformation about the history of the rope making industry in Bridport.

A link to a site with pictures of Churches in Dorset - This will take you to an index and then to pictures of many of the Churches which were used by our ancestors. For example, Long Bredy, Dorchester, Bridport etc.

A link to a site about Moments in the History of Dorset - Especially interesting are the articles on Aliens (from abroad, not outer space) in Dorset 1525, and Prince Charles Flight from Worcester through Dorset in 1651. It is possible that Hounsells had something to do with his escape to France.

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