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England, but this is an English/Australian/New Zealand collaboration

Over the years the odd message has appeared on this site asking about Hounsells who may have come from Sussex, not Dorset. This led to Rosalie Raftis of Perth Australia and myself (we both have Hounsell ancestors)undertaking an email collaboration to look into this! On the way we have found other collaborators in England, Australia and New Zealand so we have been able to construct a (fairly large) family tree.
We have been able to track Sussex Hounsells back to the Cinque port of Rye in the mid 1550s. From there they went to Battle, a small town just north of Hastings and then spread. Some stayed around this area, others went to Brighton.
Two brothers (William and Emery) from Brede near Battle went to New Zealand in 1843 (paid for from the Poor Rate) on the second immigrant ship into Nelson. Another branch of the family (Richard and James plus a number of siblings) from Brighton also went to New Zealand some years later. Apparently these families were completely unaware that they were related (they were separated in Sussex by a couple of generations and 25 miles/40 km).
A daughter of the Battle Hounsell family married a Peter Peters and they became Bounty Immigrants to Australia in 1841. When Peter died she remarried James Hilsey so there are two families in Australia descended fom Ann Eleanor Hounsell.
These families plus associated families are now extensively recorded in a GEDCOM with links to many other families, notably the FLOTE, BOYS, FOORD, PIM, CRAMP and WATSON families all of Sussex.The Boys family is particularly interesting as they made several Hounsell intermarriages in Rye and also had a long association with Battle Abbey.
As far as we can see there is absolutely no link to the Dorset Hounsells. This is odd as it is a relatively rare name outside of Dorset. One may conjecture an old coastal trading link between Bridport and Rye as both are towns on the South coast of England and we also know that medieval armies were often mustered near Rye from all over the south and south-west for shipment to France. But this link remains elusive.
The GEDCOM may be requested!

Keith Foord ( on Monday, July 04, 2011


Years ago I started collecting info on the Hounsells both in Dorset and in Newfoundland, where my father was born.  Now that I am retired I am hoping to start organizing my notes into some meaningful order.  If anyone, particularly from the Newfoundland line, would like to contact me, I would be happy to look in my records and see what I have that might be of help to you.  I noticed a number of inquiries browsing through the website but given the ages of most of them, I don't know if they're still relevant. Joyce Hounsell ( on Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hi i dont have a lot of information but i am very intrested on finding out information my grandad reginald charles murray hounsell,
im dawn marie flack i married last year my maiden was bates, my mum is daughter to reginald charles murray hounsell and rosemary hounsell i think my nans maiden was welch , my mum is one of four my mums name is elaine hounsell she married my dad in 1976,my mum has two sisters and one brother.
i sadly never knew reg as he died in janaury  1973 i was born in april 1977 i heard things about reg from my nans point i just wish i could of met him.
please excuse the spelling iam dyslexic, all i know about reg is that he came from a millitary back ground his father i think was a soildier in ww2 iam not a 100% sure.
dawn marie flack (bates) ( on Tuesday, August 10, 2010 at 17:28:23 (Colchester, Essex)

O nome dos meus avós são Raimunda da Silva Hounsell & Gileno ferreira Hounsell desse casamento nasceu, Marlucia,Jaime Eduardo, Gilenilsa, Gilenilda, Gileno filho, Gerônio, Jailson e minha mãe Gilcia (caçula).
As filhas de Gilcia Hounsell são:
1- Gilciana Hounsell (filhos: Marcio Henrique, Giovanna e Jailson)
2- Carolina Hounsell (não tem filhos)
3- Ângela Hounsell (filhos: Andriely Tamires, Adriely Taysa e Weverton)
4- Gissely Hounsell (filha Sabrina)

CAROLINA HOUNSELL DA SILVA ( on Saturday, June 26, 2010

Can anyone help?

I wonder if you can help me?  My father bought a clock in a second hand shop in Kent. he bought the clock in 1950 or thereabouts for £5 which was almost a weeks wages for him then.  The clock is quite grand and has a plaques on it.  The engraving reads as follows:  Provincial Grand Master Hounsell Loyal Bourne Lodge, Odd Fellows. Poole June 17th 1878.  My Father is 88 and we would love to know the story behind this clock. I have looked on the internet and found a mention of Hounsell in a New Zealand branch of the Odd Fellows.  We would be delighted if you could tell us the history of the clock.  Regards,  Theresa Oliver
( on Thursday, February 25, 2010

I am looking for any information on my fathers side His name was Rex Arthur John Hounsell, he was born in Coleford,Somerset.May 1932. and died 1973. His Fathers name Frank Hounsell Mothers name Elise.  Nick (nicholas) Hounsell ( on Monday, February 22,
2010 at 14:52:50

I am looking for my half sister Patricia K Hounsell, nee Gore, who married anthony Hounsell in London in 1959. The emigrated to Australia in the mid 60's. they had a daughter deborah. if you know them please could you email me. From Jane Tuesday, March 02, 2010, London

I have been asked to research the winner of a cup - it was awarded in the Crewkerne and West Somerset Athletic Sports, June 27th 1878 for High
Jump - second Prize, 5ft 3inches. This cup was won by Eustace Alfred Strangeways Hounsell, who was born in Bridport, Dorset in 1857. I have scoured your very interesting site, but can't find any note of the descendants of Eustace, and it would be really interesting to be able to return the cup to them! 
If anyone knows anything, can you let me know? Many thanks, Gwen, Old Basing, Basingstoke, UK
Gwen Petitpierre ( on Monday, March 01, 2010

My great great great grandmother was Mary Anne Hounsell, born in Bridport ,1780, daughter of William Hounsell and Mary Colfox. Mary Anne married Georg Heinrich Gundell, chaplain in the Hanoverian army, in Bath, in 1805. Eventually they went back to Germany and one of their descendants was my German grandmother who married a Dutchman, Johannes de Veer. I would like to know if any other descendants of William and Mary Hounsell are still around to be contacted. from Elisabeth de Veer ( on Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I have researching the tree of the Fox-Strangways family - and got diverted into the Hounsell family through references to a Strangways Hounsell. As a result I have assembled a Hounsell tree in an attempt to find a Strangways connection - including lots of info from your excellent web site. But I have a query on Josiah Hounsell in the Job tree on the site. Did Josiah born 17 May 1839 in Newfoundland really marry Frances Williams in Bridport on 14 Apr 1852 - when he was then only 12 years old? Or has the tree accidentally jumped to a different Josiah? Regards, Brian Townsley - Brian Townsley on Monday, June 05, 2006

Hello, sorry about my English :-) my Name ist Guido Hounsell, Have you any Informations about my Father Henry John Hounsell, born at 18.12.1919 in Bristol Totterdown? Please. I know that his mothers was Florence Hounsell. I know nothing about my Father, has he brothers ore Sistersß, Aunts and Unels??? Please help me for searching about Informations fom my Father. And my faterh have another son, my halfbrother`? Lorenz Hounsell. I hope you can help me. Best Whishes from Ense-Bremen, Germany Guido Hounsell - May 03, 2006

I have a Family Register of hounsell with EDWARD GEORGE HOUNSELLborn August 4th 1827 in Jersey, he married CAROLINE MUNDELL born Ryde I.O.W. inFebruary 17th 1830 married at George Street Chapel in Ryde on January 22nd 1852, They had 11 children one of who is my maternal Grandmother at this point in time i am not sure which daughter it was out of two or three, I, have an enquiry in hand through the i.o.w . J.LONGLY Saturday, February 25, 2006 SAXILBY LINCOLN LN1 2JA

Hi there great site!! What do you know of the Hounsells in New Zealand?? We are the only ones we know here. There are a few in the phone books but that's all. Walter Hounsell and Stella Coleman = my grandparents ( Both only children) their only child = Lindsay Hounsell Lindsay Hounsell and Doreen Hounsell = My parents ( mum died in 2000 of aplastic anaemia Their children= Myself, Karen Hounsell 29 and Grant Hounsell 34. I think we are decendents of Harry( henry? ) Hounsell who landed in Nelson, New Zealand, South Island. Thanks Karen - Karen L Hounsell Friday, February 10, 2006 Mairangi Bay Auckland New Zealand

My Grandmother was Elizabeth Jane Hounsell b.20.9.1852 in the Parish of Grouville in Jersey. Daughter of Edmund Hounsell b1821and Susan Gratten b1824 m. 29.06.1845 in St.helier Jersey from George V Gaudin ( on Friday, December 09, 2005 Jersey Channel Islands

My great ganfather was Jaime Hounsell , he lived in Amazonas , he came from England .I want some information to conect with him .Maybe we still have part off this family in England . Thank you Daniele Tavares Hounsell ( Wednesday, December 07, 2005 Cuiaba, Mato Grosso, BRAZIL

Can anyone add to this Hounsell Family Tree?

John & Mary had at least two sons: 1.Edmund bp 1681 & 2.John 1683
Edmund married Margaret and they had at least four sons baptised at Powerstock:
1.1 John bp1695, married Ann, sons William 1713 & John 1715, Bridport
1.2 Edmund bp 1709, m Mary Houncell, sons Edmund 1733, Nicholas 1742, John 1744 & Joseph 1754
1.3 William bp 1714, m Elizabeth Duffet
1.4 Henry bp1718 m Mary Greening 1742, sons Henry 1747, Edmund 1762
John may have been the mercer who married Jone Kenway; in 1712 at Bridport, children John, Joseph & Phoebe.

Children of John & Ann, Bridport
1.1.2 John bp 1715, m Hannah Brown, sons John 1747 sons William 1748, Joseph 1753, Thomas 1757, all baptised at Bridport Presbyterian Church

Children of Edmund & Mary nee Houncell, Powerstock:
1.2.1 Edmund 1733
1.2.2 Nicholas 1742
1.2.3 John 1744, m ?Catherine Canterbury
1.2.4 Joseph 1754, m Elizabeth Handsford

Children of William & Elizabeth nee Duffet:
Children (sons) of Henry & Mary nee Greening m 1742 Powerstock
1.4.1 John 1745 m (1) Mary Thorner (2) Betty Thorner
1.4.2 Henry 1747 m Rebecca Tidby 1.4.3 William 1758 m Elizabeth Lloyd
1.4.4 Edmund 1762 m Sally Walbridge, son Edmund 1794

Children of John & Hannah Brown John 1747 m Elizabeth Lloyd 1764 at Bridport William 1748 m Mary Colfox 1772 Bridport Joseph 1753 m Bessie Murley of Ilminster Thomas 1757 m ?Hannah Webber Anne 1759

Children of Joseph & Elizabeth nee Handsford m 1792 Bothenhampton: Joseph 1780 Abraham 1789 m (1)Barbara Warren 1811 Long Bredy, (2) Sarah Hounsell

Children of John & Mary nee Thorner, Long Bredy Henry 1770 Edmund 1772 m Mary Scammell Children of John & Betty Thorner m 1775, Long Bredy James 1780, m Lucy Brown

Children of William and Mary nee Colfox: Anne 1774 William 1775 m Betty Day 1799 Powerstock Esther 1782

Children of Abraham & Barbara nee Warren, Long Bredy George 1814 William 1816, moved to Birmingham Job 1818 Children of Abraham & Sarah H Joseph 1836 William 1838

Children of Edmund & Mary nee Scammell, m 1794 Long Bredy Eunice 1794 Mary 1796

Children of James & Lucy nee Brown, m 1801 Litton Cheney Lucy 1815, m John Hanby 1837 Mary 1818 Edmund James 1820, married in Channel Islands

Karen Chessell ( on Wednesday, November 23, 2005 London, on

I am quite curious about the web site. My father was Edward George Hounsell as was his father's name. My grandfather was born in England around 1880 submit: E. Wayne Hounsell ( on Thursday, August 25, 2005 United States, State of Washington

Found website and was amazed to see so many Hounsells. My father is one of eleven children and I have 45 cousins. We all live in Eastern Australia from Queensland to Victoria. Darren Hounsell ( Wednesday, July 27, 2005 WAGGA WAGGA NEW SOUTH WALES AUSTRALIA

Hi Lynn, I hope you won't mind me writing again with my story. I thought it might help others who may be stuck with their family research. I have noticed that several people contacting your site have Marwood Tillman HOUNSELL on their tree who probably links to this line as the elder Jonathan (who went first to America) was the son of Jonathan HOUNSELL and Elizabeth TILLMAN, daughter of Marwood TILLMAN.

Married in August 1845 at St Mary's Church, Weymouth, John Hounsell left his wife Jane Read and 2 year old son, John, in around 1847,just two months before his second son, George William, was born. Family stories maintained that John Snr. had tried to persuade Jane to emigrate to America where his family had already gone but she was having none of it. That was my starting point in the year 2000; a brick wall. The excellent and other sites mention many Hounsell families but never, it seemed, mine. Oh for a positive link with the prolific West Dorset clan, I would utter in the wee small hours. Then, a tip-off from Maureen Bowler lead me to look at the message board where an almost parallel story had been posted from USA. The story was from the Sheboygan Daily Press, 1920, about one Jonathan Hounsell whose ancestors (father and grandfather both called Jonathan) arrived in Wisconsin in the 1800s-early settlers and pillars of society. Couldn't be mine, could they? No, because the Jonathan who arrived after the other members of his family in this story went on to marry and produce 13 children. And he was called Jonathon not John. So, what next?

Well, Maureen was going to TNA and, remembering that my John, was a Merchant Seaman searched for his records. There he was- baptised Jonathan in Lyme Regis in 1822 and getting his ticket from Weymouth.Then in 1851 there was a final one way ticket in his name out of Liverpool. With the help of wonderful OPCs I found his parents and siblings from PRs in West Dorset. Generations of Jonathans and Marwoods from Powerstock and Puncknowle and even further afield. We belong! Ancestry gave me the date and name of the ship which took the family to New York. I have found them in census returns in Wisconsin and Michigan. Although I haven't yet obtained John's(bigamous?) marriage certificate I have found his new family of five little Hounsells and burial records for some of the family.John's first wife, Jane Read never remarried. She raised her sons, working as a cook and then as a boarding house keeper in Weymouth till her death in 1897. OK so it's not conclusive but so much fits together it can't just be coincidence, can it? Sadly, I'm the only one who excited by all this. So if you are one of the people who has helped me over the years piece this together, thank you very much and good luck with your own research. I would be more than happy to return the favour in some way if I can. Regards,

Pat Hounsell ( on Thursday, June 02, 2005 Wellington NZ

Hello, leider kann ich Ihnen nur in Deutsch schreiben. Mein Vater Henry-John Hounsell wurde am 18.12.1919 in Bristol geboren. Leider habe ich über meine Verwandte fast keine Informationen. Mein Vater war einmal mit einer Engländerin Verheiratet, sie ist aber gestorben, ich glaube sie hieß Emma?! Aus dieser Ehe kam ein Junge zur Welt der Lorenz hieß, aber der auch such schon gestorben ist. Können sie mir eventuell irgendwas über meinen Vater oder Verwandte berichten? Mit freundlichen Grüßen Guido Hounsell Guido Hounsell ( on Sunday, May 29, 2005 Germany, 59469 Ense Bremen

ref family tree - william and dorothy hounsell; the headstone records at st. mary's show the following:- dorothy, wife of william hounsell died 1746 aged 39. william hounsell died 1752 age 38. is this the same william and dorothy in your website? microfilm of baptisms at st mary's have some pages for dissenter's children - for john and hannah hounsell; hannah b 1744, john b 1747, william b 1748. following thisentry is one for john and phoebe hounsell. i presume that this is phoebe collins who married john hounsell in 1752. their children were - joseph 1753, phoebe 1755, thomas 1757 and ann 1759. Hannah b1744 marries john ewens, another manufacturer in 1771. Richard Sims ( on Saturday, April 23, 2005

You probably won't remember but I contacted you pre-2000 about getting started on my husband's Hounsell(Dorset) genealogy and I appreciated the tips you gave me then.Well, things have really taken off now, thanks in no small way to various Dorset OPCs, rootsweb and Maureen Bowler in particular. I have traced back to Jonathan HOUNSELL <1750> poss. Mosterton and Elizabeth TILLMAN 1756 Musbury who were married in Feb.1775, Musbury, Devon. Jonathan was buried in 1824, Puncknowle, and Elizabeth in 1822.Their son, Jonathan HOUNSELL married Elizabeth HOUNSELL 1805, then Elizabeth DEAREN 1820.One of their children was.... MY husband's errant (and possibly bigamist) 2xgreat grandfather John/Jonathan HOUNSELL who emigrated to Wisconsin to where the rest of his family had started settling around 1848. It makes good reading and, perhaps more importantly, may help others to discover new connections in their own West Dorset branches of the family. In addition, the Weymouth-born son of the above wrote his memoirs which cover the period 1847-1934 and are also very interesting. I have a picture of him as an elderly gent which belies the adventurous life he led. My question is this. Would you like me to submit our research/family tree and the memoirs? I am not too sure about the legalities re. the ownership of such a story but will get my father-in-law's permission first if you think you may be interested. Thanks again for the inspiration your site has been. Pat Hounsell PS I have 3 messages on the board, the two earliest can safely be removed now! Thank you. Pat Hounsell ( on Wednesday, April 13, 2005 Wellington,New Zealand temporarily (?) originally Dorset/Surrey

I have just aquired the marriage certificate of Martha Ward Hounsell to Josiah Long in the parish church Bridport the 20th April 1852, fathers William Hounsell and William Long witnesses Prudence Wilkins ( probably Marthas half sister Prudence hounsell who married a Joseph wilkins in 1850) and Charles Long Josiahs younger Brother, William and Josiahs occupations Firemen and william Hounsell a smith White smith on 1851 census, Josiah and Martha both put their mark against their names - from JEAN TOMS on Thursday, January 27, 2005 3 Emlyn Place Le Molay Littry Way Bovey Tracey Devon TQ13 9QU

As far as I know my branch of the hounsell family were born on the Isle of Wight.Grandfather Arthur Hounsell married Ida Hendy.Had 3 sons also all born on the Ilse of Wight. Maurice, Douglas and Phillip (my father) He married Elizabeth Craig and had four children. Margaret, Mary and twins Catherine and Robert. Maurice married Joan Lush and had five children. Twins David and Elizabeth, twins Michael and Martin and Anthony. Douglas married Amarta and had three children. Janet, Francis and Graham.- from Catherine Miller nee Hounsell on Tuesday, January 18, 2005 Newport Gwent South Wales UK

My John HOUNSELL,a mariner, disappeared from Weymouth, Dorset around 1847 leaving a wife and two sons. Family history has it that he emigrated to America, where his own family had gone to settle previously. His marriage certificate, 1845, shows his father's name was also John Hounsell. Via the message boards I have found a similar story. Jonathon HOUNSELL took his family and settled in Plymouth/Sheboygan County, Wisconsin in the early 1840's. He was later followed there by another son, also Jonathon, a sailor. (This family may have been the ones living in Nicholas Street,Weymouth for the 1841 Census but who subsequently are not to be found.Jonathon 57,wife Elizabeth 46, children: Marwood, 12,William 9,Mary 7, and Benjamin 1.) I am very tempted to put the two stories together but obviously need more evidence to link John and Jonathan. I have been told that the name Marwood could indicate a Powerstock connection. Has anybody please come across a John/Jonathan HOUNSELL born to Jonathon and Elizabeth HOUNSELL approx.1818-1824? I would appreciate any help with this.Somebody on this excellent site may hold the key. So near yet so far! Pat NZ from Patricia Hounsell on Monday, January 10, 2005 Wellington, NZ comments:

Update to family tree, Martha ward hounsell Josiah long nine Children Elizabeth 1853, Josiah jnr 1856, william 1859, eli 1860, frederick, 1862, ellen 1864, edwin 1870, Charles,1877, Alice 1876 , Charles and alice were born in Poole dorset where they moved to 1881 census address churchyard poole St James. William married sarah Dowdell in 1891 my grt grandparents - from Jean Toms Monday, January 03, 2005 3 emlyn place Le Molay Littry Way Bovey Tracey Devon TQ13 9QR

Was very interested to read in the Family Tree of Job HOUNSELL & Sarah WARD that 108 Christina (actually Christiana) married Henry William CASE on 30 July 1899. Can't verify this anywhere else and I know he married my gg grandmother Emily Elizabeth Hounsell (Christiana's sister) on 30 July 1887 in Lambeth (Vol 1d, P777). Does anyone have any other info? Thanks. Louise in Oz - from Louise Ross on Sunday, November 21, 2004 Australia

Does anyone have information on James Hounsell a butcher from Bridport, married to Susan Squires Cox in march 1844, father of Theresa sarah Hounsell in 1845, many thanksfrom - Tracey Knorn on Friday, November 05, 2004

A very interesting sight ive only just discovered yhat my grt grt grandmother was Martha Hounsell born in Bridport Dorset in 1835 married a josiah long proberly about 1851? had 8 children moved too Poole in Dorset 1881 census I have no other information on Marthas father or mother or if she had brothers or sisters any information would be appreciated - from jean Toms October 30, 2004 Mrs jl toms 3 Emlyn Place Le Molay littry way Bovey tracey Devon TQ13 9QR

searching for the links myself so please bear with me if I'm wrong. We bought a property in mid-Wales 2 years ago. The last owner was: Ivy Eleanor Stewart (Bridport). She was married (13 Aug. 1942)to a William Macdonald Stewart, also of Bridport. Now, Ivy's father was: Harold Edward Hounsell. I believe he was the same person as the one mentioned i your website under nr. 50 (6th generation) from the 1st generation of Robert Hounsell, born 1730, and his wife Suzannah. Harlold's wife's name was: Eleanor Elizabeth Hounsell (born McCarthy). I've got a petition of divorce for Ivy and William from 29th March 1950. I understand they didn't have any children, but I wonder if William married again after the divorce. Also, I've been able to salvage a lot of photos (prior to us buying the house, it hadn't been lived in for nearly 10 years so everything is very damp) and it seems that Ivy had quite a big extended family. I'd really like to find out more and see if there are living relatives maybe. Can you help? Thanks Kind regards Shirley - from Shirley Bose on Tuesday, October 26, 2004 Hatfield Hertfordshire UK

I would like to know if we have a family coat of arms or something of that type of thing. Please e-mail me if u know any info. - from Evan Hounsell Friday, September 24, 2004 Toronto, Ont. Canada

Eu sou neto de Jaime Mont Hounsell moro em Manaus tenho 48 anos sou professor de informática gostaria de ter informações sobre minha descendencia obrigado - tank you - from Marco Francis Hounsell de Barros Monday, August 16, 2004 at 22 Brasil - Amazoas -Manaus

Hi, Not sure if we are related, but my father was born in Dorset... Portland to br precise and my Grandmother lived in Weymouth most of her life. Kind regards Ged - from Gerard Hounsell on Monday, June 21, 2004


Eu sou neto de Jaime Mont Hounsell moro em Manaus tenho 48 anos sou professor de informática gostaria de ter informações sobre minha descendencia obrigado - thank you From Marco Francis Hounsell de Barros Brasil - Amazoas - Manaus on Monday, August 16, 2004

I am the eldest son of the late William Hounsell and Mary < still living > I have 2 brothers 1 sister , 3 children of my own and 10 nieces and nephews, we all live in Telford but my parents came here in the seventies from birmingham. From Martin Hounsell Stirchley Park , Telford , Shropshire on Sunday, April 11, 2004

While researching my family from Powerstock dorset I found the following: My ancestor: Francis (Frank) Greening Born Oct 11th 1807 at Powerstock Dorset. Married 18 Oct 1881 at Powerstock Sarah Legg who was the daughter of John Legg and Honour Hounsell of Powerstock Sarah Legg died in 1890 at Teddington Middx and is buried there. 5 Feb. I am having a problem locating Francis Greening parents, if you have any infor. Don Greening December 24, 2003, 17 Bardolph street east Leicester

Hello! My family comes from Natashquan, Québec. And i was wondering if anybody knows about hounsell candian roots. Thanks;) Veronique Hounsell Sept-Iles, Québec, Canada December 07, 2003

I have been looking for a James Hounsell who was born in Bradpole abt. 1819, he went back to Bradpole in 1901 to die, (I beleive there was an article him in the paper about him but unfortunately the day I visited Bradpole last year places were shut and was unable to find any information), He was married to an Elizabeth Newton? they had a child John Newton Hounsell who married a Clara A.? and they had John Newton abt 1875, Philip Edward abt 1878 and James A. abt 1880, Philip A. married Rose Alice Turner here in Liverpool about 1898 They had Philip Edward 23 May 1900 and he married Jessie Polley 5 December 1923 At St. Mary's Bootle, they had Rosie 1924, Jessie 1928, Margaret 1930. I hope this is of interest to yourselves, if you have any information about the above or there ancestors i would be very appreciative. Regard Dee Grey December 03, 2003, 13 Rockland Road Waterloo Liverpool L22 9QH

I know a Roy Hounsell in Chickerell, Weymouth. Do you? Best wishes, Gervald submit: Send to Hounsell Web Site Gervald Frykmanon Monday, November 17, Warwickshire and Weymouth

On the 13th December 2003, we held a large party to celebrate the 60th birthday of my wife, Christine Higgins(nee Hounsell). Many of the kent Hounsell clan attended, however the visit to us by Lynn and Colin White, accompanied by Uncle Leslie Hounsell was for us, one of the main events of the evening. None of this branch of the Hounsells had met them before, getting to know them was fantastic, but to see an uncle for the first time, who reminded us of 'dad', Henry Hounsell, they look so much alike. It was clearly obvious that they were brothers!!! Once again we must thank all of the family who attended. Thought for the future, hopefully not too distant, a party/get together for as many of the Hounsell clan as possible. We at the Kent Clan, would give our full support and help to organise it. Best wishes Alan and Chris Higgins

Thanks for a great evening. It was lovely to meet so many of you and I know my Dad had a really wonderful time, even if he (like us) was a bit confused about who everyone was! It would be a pleasure to meet up with you all again. Lynn


If anyone is looking to fill in some records, I was born in Brooklyn in 1982. My father is Peter Hounsell. He has two siblings, Joyce (has traced much of the family geneology herself) and Stewart. I have a brother, Philip, born in 1978. eens (, Queens, New York, USA Friday 3rd October 2003

I stumbled upon your page concerning the Hounsell name. My grandmother's name is listed on your page under the Smith's Harbour, NF census - Flora Hounsell, age 13, Smith's Harbour, Newfoundland. from Angela Monday 29th September, Nova Scotia, Canada

Still looking for Sylvia May Hounsell (had wrong middle name previously) daughter of Henry Ivan Hounsell, grandaughter of William Henry Hounsell, last known residence Broken Bow Oklahoma. from kathleen knapp Saturday September 13, 2003, Seattle, Washington USA

Hi There, My family has connections with Brede and NZ Hounsell family and I'm putting info on site below daily! The rather simple listing on site will be followed by source material from Colin Whatford Sunny Scotland! Thursday, August 28, 2003

Westport New Zealand and Boston USA. I hope someone can help me. My grandmother Beatrice Annie Hounsell, was the daughter of William Hounsell and Laura Brydon, who I believe married in New Zealand. As there are so MANY William Hounsells on every genealogy site there is and I am short of relatives who know much. As far as I can tell, I think he was the son of William Hounsell and Sarah Durrant of Mountfield, grandson of Sarah Streeter and Hezekiah Hounsell, of Brede. I have few dates if any. I am going home to New Zealand soon to research any records I can find there in Nelson, but due to the immigrants lack of resources, a lot of records were poorly kept. I hope to visit England and Scotland next year for an extended stay for research purposes but in the meantime I really would appreciate ANY help anyone can give me. I have not been able to varify any of the previous Hounsells through Rootsweb or thus far. Please keep up the great work on this site. It is a wonderful thing that we all care about where we come from, and finding our "roots" somewhere. From Fiona July 1, 2003

Australia Born New Zealand . I am a decendant of an Elizabeth Hounsell and John Keech who were married in Dorset (think Bridport) on 10 Oct 1760. Their great grandson - Eli Crabb settled in New Zealand in 1855 ( my great grand father). Would be interested to know if she could be one of those referred to in one of the family trees on this site. Would like to hear from you. from Australia, July1, 2003

Really excellent website so much info, on previous notice I put that my grandmother x3 Keziah Hounsells father was Joseph Hounsell born in Bridport and married Jane Webber on 25/12/1815 this is all correct but he had descended from Job Hounsell and Sarah Ward side and not William and Mary as Ihad thought, any infotmation would be of great help please submit: From Irene Parsons Southampton, May 27, 2003

What a wonderful site! Never realised that there was so many Hounsells!!! Am attempting to trace my family tree. I would be interested in hearing from anyone related to my side of the family. My grandfather was Arthur Samuel Hounsell born 6th February 1904 in Islington. He was married to Eileen Mary McDermott born 12th May 1909. My great grandfather was Joseph Henry Hounsell born 5th January 1870 in Lyme. Married to Tryphena Brister born 10th March 1870. My great great grandfather was Jospeh Hounsell who was married to Frances Williams. From Lyn Smith, Hertfordshire, May 26, 2003


Thanks for good job, keep up the good work. From Marco Antonio De Figueiredo, Parana, Brazil May 24, 2003

There seems to have been quite a lot of interest in the Joseph Hounsell who married Jane Webber in Bradpole in 1815. I wonder if he is the Joseph Hounsell who was baptised at Bridport on 13 Jan 1788, the son of Robert and Margaret Hounsell (nee Nurse) who had married in Bridport on 8 Jan 1771. Joseph and Jane's first child Robert was baptised at Bridport on 27 Nov 1816. The following children were baptised at Bradpole, Merina (1819), Keziah (1821), Jehosheba (1824, Ekekial (1826). Then Dariuus (1831) Absalom (1832) Naomi (1835) and Lewis (1837) were baptised at Bridport. For some reason this family seem to be missing from the 1851 census index for Dorset. Does anyone know where they are? From Maureen Bowler on Monday 19 May, 2003.


I have just seen the information supplied by Lyn Smith of Hertfordshire (8 May)who might be referring to the Joseph & Francis (he a butcher and she, born Williams, daughter of the landlord of The Three Cups of Bridport) who were my great great grand parents on my mother's side of our family. Could they be the same couple to whom Lyn refers? From M.K. Sturt-Scobie Pembrokeshire, May 18, 2003

What a great site and lots of hard work. Thankyou. If anytone has any info at all re Hounsells of Bridport please contact me, particularly Joseph and Jane Hounsell, Louise Ross, Hezekiah was my Grandmother x 3 brother any help at all. From Irene Parsons Southampton, England, May 13. 2003


I was recently very lucky to have located my mums long lost cousin of the Hounsell clan. I am trying to find my ancestors in order to complete my Hounsell Family Tree. So far I have managed to get back to Joseph Hounsell born(1831?) married to Frances Williams in 1852. My great grandfather was Joseph Henry Hounsell born 5th Jan 1870 - married to Tryphena Brister in 1932 and my grandfather was Arthur Hounsell born 6th Feb 1904 married to Eileen McDermott in 1909. I would be grateful for any information you may have - this is a wonderful site and have already found a couple more leads. Well done submit: From Lyn Smith Hertrfordhsire, England,Thursday, May 08 2003


I am desperate for info on the Hounsell family my grandmotherx3 was Keziah Hounsell who married Richard Dunsby of Bridport her parents were Joseph Hounsell born 20/7/1789 on the family tree I believe his parents where William and Mary can anyone confirm for me he married Jane Webber 25/12/1815 they had Robert, Merana, Darius, Keziah, Ezikiah, Josepha, Absolem, Naomi and Louis, I believe in Bradpole Dorset is there any info out there please Irene Parsons - Thursday, May 08, 2003


Joseph Hounsell married Jane Webber in 1815 and they had nine children as per your history.

Keziah Hounsell married Richard Dunsby in Bridport and they also had nine children

Richard Gideon b 1841
Anna b 1844
Elizabeth Ann b 1846
Jane b 1853
Harry b 1860
Joseph b 1863
Rachel b 1859
Ruth b 1865

Joseph Dunsby married Jane Diaper in March 1885 in Southampton. They also had nine children:
Joseph b 1885
Henry b 1887
Bertie b 1888
Elsie b 1890
Elizabeth Ann b 1891(My Grandmother)
Jane b 1893
Maude b 1897
Sidney b 1899
Lillian b 1894 d1895

Elizabeth Ann had two children while a spinster:
George Dunsby b 1913
Edna May Dunsby b 1918 (My Mother)

Edna May married John Beecham in 1940 and had three children:
Irene b 1942 (Me)
Carol b 1946
Raymond 1950

I married Colin Parsons in 1962 and had two children and have 6 grandchildren. I never knew any of my family. If anyone has any info on the Dunsbys of Bridport I would be pleased.

Irene Parsons SOUTHAMPTON HAMPSHIRE ENGLAND Tuesday, April 22, 2003


William A b 1905 is my Grandfather he married Nancy Phyllis Hill and they had Garry Earl Clark who is my father. Any Info on this line i would like as my father never knew any of his family. Shane Clark 13 Elm Street Barcaldine Queensland Australia - unday, April 27, 2003


I believe that your Joseph Hounsell born 1784, was my grandfather x3 who married Jane Webber in Bradpole dorset 1815, Ihave a direct line if any help as I beleive there was Kezia Jehosheba and Ezekiah, do you think this is the any help? Ireneparsons Estwood lane, Totton, Southampton, Hants Sunday, April 06, 2003


I have just enjoyed another browse through the fascinating Hounsell website and in the section dealing with miscellaneous information I found a reference which seems almost certainly to refer to my great grandfather Alfred James Hounsell born in Bridport of Joseph & Frances. I have a copy of his birth certificate and it shows a slightly different date for his birth, 28th August 1856 at West Street, Bridport. The birth was registered on 6th October 1856. Best Wishes - from M.K.Sturt-Scobie Mandalay Carmarthen Road KILGETTY Pembrokeshire SA68 0UF, Sunday, February 09, 2003


I am curious to find out if the little amount of information I have about my Mother's family is relevant to the Hounsell archive. The following notes may be of interest:
1. Her name was Phyllis Hounsell born in June 1909 at Reading, and there was one sister Monica born in 1916.
2. Their father was James William Hounsell born in 1879 at Lyme Regis who moved the family to Reading where he was foreman of a wallpaper warehouse until the outbreak of WW1. Tragically he was killed in July 1918 at the age of 35 years when serving as a private soldier in the 1st Battalion Doresetshire Regiment. I visited his grave at Frevent in France four years ago.
3. His father was Alfred James Hounsell (1856-1940) who I am told was a mail coach driver (Bridport to London) and who married a Bessie Murley of Ilminster. I think that I was told that Bessie's family were of Huguenot origins. Apparently he was once trapped in a snowstorm in his mailcoach and was taken 'at death's door' to his home where the formidable Bessie revived him!
4. Alfred's father was Joseph Hounsell of Bridport, a butcher by trade who married Frances Williams whose parents were landlord and lady of The Three Cups Inn, Bridport.
I hope that his is of interest. As with most people I regret now that I did not ask more about the family of my mother and aunt. from Mr.M.K.Sturt-Scobie Pembrokeshire, February 4, 2003


I am looking for decendants of William George & Fanny Hounsell. William b.27 June 1862 d.28 Nov 1923. Fanny b.16 July 1865, d.7 July 1946. Married 25 Dec 1884. Their children names are William G. jnr, Harold Herbert, Eva, Agnes Millie or(Millie Agnes), Clarence Arthur, Nellie, Nora, Florence May, Victor Frank, Paul and Mona. I am not sure if it was my grandmother's parents who had a jewellery store in Moseley Village or my grandfathers'. I know my grandmother was born in Birmingham. My grandparents are Adelaide Daisy Hounsell (nee Brecknell) and Harold Herbert Hounsell (both deceased). Harold died in 1956 and Adelaide died 1998. They had 3 children, Reg, Daisy and Dorothy. I am the daughter of Daisy. If there is anybody who can help me with this request, I would appreciate the info. Thank You. From Judy Alder Australia Sunday, December 29, 2002


Hi fellow Hounsells. I originate from the Isle of Portland in Dorset. Born 1955. My father, Michael was also born on Portland and was one of - I think - 6 children; I know his father died when he was very young. He was subsequently educated at the Masonic School for Boys in Rickmansworth. He trained as a Stonemason, next becoming a soldier, then teacher, then manager of a number of stone works both on Portland and in Bath. His last surviving brother, Bennett still lives on Portland. I also know there is a strong family connection with Bridport - someone told me there's a Hounsell family museum area in one of the Bridport Churches - is this true? I think there was a Hounsell Rope Factory in Bridport. Anyway, hope this helps. from Paul Hounsell Tuesday, November 5, 2002 Chippenham, Wiltshire, England


Brasil - Amazonas - Manaus comments: Estou pesquisando as origens da minha familia e resolvi pesquisar na internet e achei o site da family Hounsell, meu bisavo era Jaime Hounsell de Londres ou Escocia teve um filho meu avo de nome João Monte Hounsell e teve 8 filhos, Jaime, João, Jorge, Geraldo, Benito, Elizabeth, Erondina, Izaura Hounsell, casado com Francisca Borges Hounsell. eu sou neto da filha + velha Izaura, meu nome é Marco Francis Hounsell de Barros nascido em 06/07/1956 tenho 46 anos sou Professor de Informática, Analista de Sistema moramos em Manaus foi um grande prazer, gostaria - from Marco Francis Hounsell de Barros on Wednesday, October 30, 2002 at 23:46:25



Is my wish to know news about the Hounsell family. I live in Manaus, Amazon, Brazil. I am James Hounsell!s grandaughter that came to Brazil a long time ago. He died about 1914. I am Francis Hounsell!s daughter. I wish in touch yours. Regards Jessineide Hounsell Silva Wednesday, August 28, 2002,Manaus - Amazon - Brazil

Bristol, England

We are not a large family although we believe we may be related to the Bridport Hounsells. I am the youngest (13years old)- Katherine Hounsell. I have a brother- David Hounsell (15years old), my father is Duncan Hounsell (son of Owen Hounsell) and my mother is Christine Hounsell (maiden name- Smith)! Katherine Hounsell ,Wednesday, August 21, 2002, Bristol, England

Derbyshire / California

My name is Joanne Hounsell, I was looking online for some articles on my Grandfather, (Oliver Hounsell, who sadly passed away last week) My Great Grandfathers name was Frank Hounsell, and he was married to a woman by the name of Lenore' (not sure on the spelling) they had 2 children, Oliver and Jean, Oliver remaining a Hounsell, and Jean marrying into the Stedman family. My Grandfather married Betty Andrews (who passed away in 1995) My Grandfather had 2 children, Richard (my father) and Julia (my aunt) I am his only child, and the last Hounsell on this branch. My Aunt also has one child, Ben. I suppose the reason I'm writing this is to see if there is somewhere in your long list of Hounsells that we fit into the picture, and if so, where. Thank you for your time. - Joanne Hounsell Tuesday, August 20, 2002, California

Dorset / Australia

I am researching my husband's family tree. His great grandfather was Joseph Gale Hounsell whose parents were Edmund and Susanna Gale. Joseph emigrated to Australia and married Maria Day at Beaufort, Victoria. This branch originated in Powerstock with West Milton. It also connects in with William and Betty Dey, John and Anne Bellringer and Henry and Mary Greening. I would be very interested to hear from anyone out there who fits into this lot. There seems to be quite a connection with the Hounsell's and Gale's. When Joseph came to Australia he changed his name from Hounsell to Hansell. He died at Narrandera in 1919. Before coming to Australia he was married to Susanna White but she died. Kind regards, Caron Adams Tasmania, Australia, Friday, August 16, 2002


My name is Jessineide Hounsell Silva, I am from Acre state but I live in Manaus, Amazon state in Brazil. I am grandaughter of James Hounsell that came to Brazil many years ago.He was born in Liverpool. Here in Brazil he was married to Herondina Montes and had many children. I am Francis's daughter, that also is died. The Hounsell family here in Brazil is big. I would like to receive news of relatives in London. Regards - From Jessineide Hounsell Silva, Manaus city - Amazon state - Brazil 28th July 2002


Bridport / Germany

Emily, daughter of Thomas Collins Hounsell and Mary Fowler, was married in Bradpole on the 28th.Dec 1844, to General Georg Friedrich Ferdinand Dammers, ref at PRO - VIII 69, 4th qtr 1844.
They had at least one son - Alfred William Hounsell Dammers, who was born in Germany c.1848. He married Hebe Julia Annette Templar (born Marylebone 1852 2nd quarter - her father being George O'Kelly Templar).
They had several children including :-
Baron Fritzherbert (Fred) Dammers, born in Bridport 1877 3rd quarter.
Charles Montagu Dammers born in Symondsbury c.1878.
George Murray Dammers, born Bridport 1879 June quarter.
Emily Flora (Thyra) Dammers born in Bridport 1880 4th quarter. Emily married in Bridport in 1902 4th quarter.
Beatrice Margarethe Dammers, reg at Bridport 4th.qtr 1884, ref 5a 394. Beatrice maddied in Brentford 1906 3rd quarter
Robert William Dammers born Bridport 1886 4th quarter.
Edward Maximillian Dammers reg at Bradpole 4th.qtr 1887.

Thomas Collins Hounsell's will dated 11th.June 1877 mentions his children - William, Thomas, Mary Schenke, Emily Dammers, Harriet Templar, Ellen McDowell, Selina Roe, and Caroline Schenke (decd). I have a copy of this will.

William Hounsell, the rope and net manufacturer, granted a lease in 1883 to Alfred William Hounsell Dammers and Joseph Thompson Stephens, for the "Old Spinning Mill, Engine House, Boiler and Drying House and various other items situated in Allington, I have full details of this lease, but do not have either a map or a plan.

In Thomas Hounsell's will dated 6th.Oct 1884 he appointed his nephew - Alfred William Hounsell Dammers as his sole Executor. He named William Hounsell, (his brother), Harriet Templar,(his sister), several servants, his nephew Charles John Dammers, his niece Marie Henrietta von Poleng (wife of Max von Poleng), his sister Selina Roe, and Hebe Julia Annette Dammers, (wife of Alfred William Hounsell Dammers). Thomas Hounsell died 16th.Sept 1884 at Hampton Wick, Middlesex at the age of 57. I have a copy of the will.

From Dennis Hounsell, Plymouth. UK, Wednesday, June 26, 2002
Dennis is a member of The Guild of One Name Studies (GOONS)


I am trying to find out any information about my great great grandmother. Her name was Sarah Elizabeth Hounsell Edwards, Her parents were Henry William Edwards & Sarah Elisabeth Caldwell, they were married in Sydney in 1862 and had the following children: Emily A Edwards in 1863 in Glebe NSW, Jane P Edwards in 1868 in Berrima NSW, Sarah Elizabeth Hounsell Edwards in 1870 in Berrima, Lucibelle Jessie Edwards in 1873 & Gertrude Florence Edwards in 1875 in Berrima. The family may have come from New Zealand and I believe that she descends from the Hounsell line, I have just hit a brick wall. I would appreciate any assistance. Rebecca Friday, 7th June 2002 Melbourne, Australia

New Zealand

I am Don Hounsell. I live in Auckland, New Zealand I am descended from one of two brothers who emigrated to Nelson, New Zealand, from Brighton during the 1860s. Three of their four sisters and their mother followed later. The two brothers were Henry (my Great Great Grandfather) and Jessie. My Great Great Great grandparents were Richard Hounsell (born 13/2/1800, died 14/11/1854) and Mary-Anne Brook (born 14/11/1794, died 10/5/1883). Richard was a blacksmith and coachsmith, and lived at 51B Kings Rd, Brighton. They were married in 1826. Mary-Anne came out to New Zealand to join all but one of her children after her husband's death. I always thought that most of the Hounsells currently in New Zealand are descendants of Richard, but I have read on this website that a William Hounsell emigrated to New Zealand about 20 years before Henry and Jessie so there will be some Hounsells here to whom I am not so closely related. We have no information about Richard's parents or any other family he may have had, and would love to hear from anyone who has any clues. fron Don Hounsell Tuesday, May 14, 2002 Birkenhead Auckland New Zealand

Fordington Dorset

Following Ruth's posting I've just found the record of the death from cholera, in Fordington Dorchester in 1854, of an Albert HOUNSELL aged 10. Does anyone recognise the name, and can fit him into the scheme of things?

In 1851 census index for Fordington there are the following on the same page:-

Elizabeth Hounsell
b Bridport
Albert Hounsell
John Hounsell
Cerne Abbas

BVRI shows Henry Albert Hounsell son of Henry & Elizabeth Hounsell was baptised at Weymouth Holy Trinity on 11 Feb 1844. I wonder where Henry fits into the scheme of things? The only Fordington baptisms shown on BVRI (taken from BTs and not always complete) are:-

Mary Hounsell
daughter of
William & Mary Hounsell
16 dec 1821
William Hounsell
son of
Elizabeth Hounsell
10 Dec 1842
Emma Hounsell
daughter of
Elizabeth Hounsell
24 jan 1847

Fordington Burials (1813-1837 from Dorset Burial index):-

Elizabeth Hounsell
12 Jul 1832

I also have a couple of entries that relate directly to your Hounsell family

Dorchester Holy Trinity (from BVRI - taken from BTs and not always complete)

*Charles Hounsell
son of
William & Elizabeth Hounsell
22 Dec 1815
Arthur Hounsell
William & Mary Hounsell
25 Dec 1825

Dorchester Holy Trinity (from Dorset Burial index)

Elizabeth Hounsell
wife of William
age 39
Glyde Path Hill
16 Mar 1817 *

This seems to tie in with a note in Chris Hounsell's 2 xgt grandfather Thomas Hounsell's day book for his stonemason's business (written c 1880s) which read Charles born Nov 6th 1815. (I was in touch with Chris back in 1993) However, I think this Charles may not be the one who married Sarah Rook at Long Bredy in 1833 and appears on 1851 census as Cordwainer age 41 b Long Bredy as I have found a Charles Hounsell s/o of Edmund & Mary Hounsell baptised in Little Bredy on 3 Jul 1808 and there is a burial at Long Bredy for Charles Hounsell on 14 Jul 1870 age 62 which seems to tie. - from Maureen Bowler 22 April, 2002

Fordington Dorset

I've just found the record of the death from cholera, in Fordington Dorchester in 1854, of an Albert HOUNSELL, aged 10. Does anyone recognise the name and can anyone fit him into the scheme of things? There was also recorded the death of Herbert WINZAR, aged 6.I have a feeling that there may have ben a HOUNSELL - WINZAR link at some time. in the space of a few weeks. Fordington was the centre of a major outbreak of cholera in 1854: it was the squalid end of the county town and living conditions were terrible. 30 people of all ages died. I have also got a copy of the Marriage Certificate of a William HOUNSELL, sailor, son of William, and Martha SQUIBB, daughter of Robert. The marriage took place at the Parish Church in Burton Bradstock, Dorset on 10 April 1838. I sent for it thinking it might be "one of ours", but it isn't ; so if anyone recognises it as "one of theirs" please contact me and I'll gladly send it on to you. submit: from Ruth Hounsell Bourton, Dorset- 18 April 2002

I went on a FHS trip to the PRO, Kew the other day and amongst other things, I checked out a couple of PCC Hounsell wills. One was for William Hounsell of Bridport twinespinner which was proved in 1752. This is the William who was married to Dorothy Gundry. I have included a summary of it below. It is apparent that Dorothy had died and that William had married again as his now wife was Elizabeth. I have a burial for a Mrs Dorothy Hounsell at Bridport on 9 Mar 1746/7. I wondered if you had any marriages for William Hounsell to Elizabeth? Also it looks as though he had no sons alive in 1752 though he does mention William son of his brother John Hounsell who was to receive £100 if both his daughters died before they reached the age of 21. I thought this may be of interest as it throws a bit more light on the Bridport Hounsells where there are so many Williams and Johns. There was also a PCC will for John Hounsell of Bridport which was proved in 1792. Will send details of this next time.

Summary of will of William Hounsell of Bridport in the county of Dorset, twinespinner made on 1 May 1752 proved at PCC, London on 23 Jul 1752 (Prob11/796 Quire no 188) Executrix his now wife Elizabeth Hounsell Names his brother in laws as John Gundry and Joseph Gundry who were to be given by his executrix " for the use of my daughter Mary Hounsell the sum of four hundred pounds it being what I made as marriage settlement to my late wife Dorothy Hounsell". They were also to have his weaving shop in Stake Lane and some other land in Bridport along with furniture and other personal effects including "all the wearing apparel which was my late wife's and mother to my said daughter Mary Hounsell in trust for her my said daughter Mary Hounsell to be paid and delivered to her as soon as she shall arrive at the age of one and twenty years by them the said John Gundry and Joseph Gundry with the rents and profits arising therefrom all charges being first deducted". His daughter Elizabeth Hounsell was to have the sum of four hundred pounds "it being what I made as marriage settlement to my now living wife to be paid to my said daughter Elizabeth Hounsell when she shall arrive at the age of one and twenty years". If either daughter died before age of 21, other daughter was to have her share. "But in case both of them should happen to dye before they shall arrive to the said age of one and twenty years then I give and bequeath unto my brother John Hounsell's son William the sum of one hundred pounds to be paid immediately after the decease of my two daughters by my executrix". He left clothes to 2 people who worked with him If his wife "claimed any share or part of my real or personal estate after my decease by way of dower or thirds or other ways that she shall have no right to anything else whatsoever of my effects my will being complied with as above" He bequeathed "All the rest residue and remainder of moneys rights credits goods chattels and executory estate not before given unto Elizabeth my loving wife for and during her natural life and after her decease to my two daughters share and share alike if they both shall so long happen to live or to either of them that survives my said wife". Witnesses ------y John Miller, Joseph ------- [possibly Gundry - photocopy has missed edge of page] This will was proved at London at PCC Note written in margin ------- by Commission.

from Maureen Bowler Caerphilly, South Wales


My Great Uncle S Bennettt Hounsell lives on Portland not twenty miles from Bridport. He was with his wife Doris (Nee Brown) who unfortunately died six months ago
His brother (My Grandfater) was Michael Hounsell who lived in Portland and then Bath in the latter of his days. He was mearried to Winifred (Nee Stanley). He also had at least two sisters, Elizabeth "Topsy" Hounsell and Pat Hounsell, and a brother who died quite young. My father was an only child (Paul) married to Jan (Nee Sly). Unfortunately my father doesn't recall his grandparent Hounsell's names. When I find out I shall sent the info. Hope this can fill more of the family trees in - Oli Hounsell, Chippenham, Wiltshire.

The Presbyterian Chapel, Bridport

Baptisms at The Presbyterian Chapel, Bridport (later, the Unitarian chapel) - taken from the registers in the Dorset Record Office.

31 Aug 1742 John Hounsell of Bridport , (decd) - son of John & Hannah
11 Sep 1744 Hannah Hounsell of Bridport - da of John & Hannah
13 Sep 1744 Mary Hounsell of Bridport
12 May 1747 John Hounsell - son of John & Hannah
16 Jul 1747 Dorothy Hounsell of Bridport
16 Dec 1748 Elizabeth Hounsell of Bridport
29 Apr 1753 Joseph Hounsell - so of John & Phoebe ( nee Collins)
8 Jun 1755 Phebe Hounsell - da of John & Phoebe ( nee Collins)
30 May 1757 Thomas Hounsell - so of John & Phoebe ( nee Collins)
5 Mar 1759 Anne Hounsell, (decd) - da of John & Phoebe (nee Collins)
10 Oct 1765 Joseph - so of Job & Sarah
23 Jan 1774 Anne - da of William & Mary (nee Colfox)
19 Dec 1774 Hannah - da of John & Elizabeth
11 May 1775 William - so of William & Mary (nee Colfox) of Bridport
23 Oct 1776 Phoebe - da of John & Elizabeth of Bridport
21 Jan 1778 Emily - da of John & Elizabeth
4 Jan 1781 Mary Ann - da of William & Mary (nee Colfox)
12 Jul 1782 Esther - da of William & Mary (nee Colfox)
19 Feb 1784 Thomas Collins - so of William & Mary (nee Colfox)
24 Sep 1789 Joseph - so of Joseph & Elizabeth
9 Aug 1793 John - so of Joseph & Elizabeth
14 Aug 1798 Jane - da of Joseph & Elizabeth
11 Aug 1808 Maria - da of Job & Jane
19 Feb 1810 Mary Ann - da of Job & Jane
1 Jan 1811 Caroline - da of Thomas & Mary
2 Nov 1812 Jane - da of Job & Jane
16 Apr 1813 Mary - Da of Thomas Collins & Mary (nee Fowler)
6 Feb 1818 Emily (born 20 Nov 1815) - da of Thomas Collins & Mary (nee Fowler)
6 Feb 1818 Harriet (b. 10 Mar 1817) - da of Thomas Collins & Mary (nee Fowler)
23 Sep 1819 Henrietta - da of Thomas Collins & Mary (nee Fowler)
25 Dec 1820 William - so of Thomas Collins & Mary (nee Fowler)
28 Dec 1821 Ellen - da of Thomas Collins & Mary (nee Fowler)
16 Sep 1824 Selina - da of Thomas Collins & Mary (nee Fowler)
17 Jan 1827 Elizabeth Ann - da of John & Elizabeth Treble **
21 May 1827 Thomas - so of Thomas Collins & Mary (nee Fowler)
13 Jan 1827 Henry Strangeways - so of John & Elizabeth Treble **
28 Jan 1830 Herbert Eustace - so of John & Elizabeth Treble**
11 May 1832 Lionel Collins - so of John & Elizabeth Treble**
24 Dec 1853 Mary Jane - da of John & Elizabeth Treble**
1 Jun 1835 Emily - da of John & Eizabeth Treble**
21 Aug 1837 Edward - so of John & Elizabeth Treble**
? ? 1840 Laura - da of John & Elizabeth Treble**
? ? 1842 George Collins - so of John & Elizabeth Treble*
Elizabeth Treble's birthplace is given as Creech St Michael, Somerset, on the 1851 Census for Bridport. It's not clear whether the "Treble" bit of her name is her maiden name or if it is a surname used as a christian name (as was the fashion in those days). I have found a William Strangeways married to an Elizabeth Treble in 1742, in Puckington, Somerset - not a million miles away from Creech St Michael, and their son appears to have had the name Giles Treble Strangeways - will try to trace the family further. Hope this little lot will be of some use to some one - will "do" marriages on another occasion - after yet another visit to Dorchester! - from Ruth Hounsell 14 Feb 2002

Bridport 1901 Census

From Ruth Hounsell on Thursday, January 24, 2002

Here are the Hounsells recorded as living in Bridport on the 1901 Census

All born in Bridport unless otherwise stated.

William bro 81 JP for Dorset Mountfield House
George hd 46 Fitter, net machinery (Gundrey's factory) 89 East St
Eliza wi 46    
Geo. F so 18 Fitter, net machinery (Gundrey's factory)  
Charles so 17 Railway clerk  
William so 14 Tailors apprentice  
Margaret da 13 Scholar  
Ralph so 10 Scholar  
Bernard so 8 Scholar  
This group is my husbands family - George F followed his father as foreman at Gundrey's and was followed by his son, Derek. They all followed in the footsteps of George Snr's father David Robert.
Tom John hd 48 Carpenter and joiner 10 Bradpole Road
Ellen Matilda wi 47    
Arthur so 22 School teacher  
David so 19 Carpenter and joiner  
Frederick so 16 Pupil/teacher Elementary school (born Oldham Lancs)  
Harold so 10 scholar  
Edith da 7 scholar  
Herbert Stanley so 5 scholar  
Henry H hd 29 Twine manufacturer employed by father 23 Victoria Grove
Edith wi 29 born Bishops Hull, Somerset  
Hilda M da 3  
William John hd 40 Hotel Keeper and Inn Proprietor 170 Bradpole Road
Annie wi 31 born, Hook Hants  
Eva Elizabeth da 13 scholar born Lyme Regis  
Bertram Richard so 11 scholar born Lyme Regis  
Percival William so 9 scholar born Lyme Regis  
Archibald G so 7 scholar born Lyme Regis  
Olive M da 2 born Lyme Regis  
Florence A da 2m  
Emma S hd 64 wid 22 Bedford Place
Robert G hd 42 Grocer's assistant 38 Bedford Terrace
Jane wi 43 born Salwayash nr Bridport  
Robert J so 14  
Frederick so 12    
Thomas William hd 67 living own means 2, East Street
Bertie so 19 Dressmaker  
(I'm sure it's Bertie & not Bessie 'cos it says "son")  
Robert hd 27 Line and rope finisher 108 East Street
Mary wi 28  
William John so 5  
Hilda May da 3    
Ethel Selina da 8m    
Bessie wid 37 Twine finisher 30 King Street
Albert   15    
Sidney   14    
Hilda   7    
Luciana hd 75 Living own means 4 St Mary's Place
Pamela wid 73 Living own means Nr South Mills
Mary da 35    
Ellen da 29    
Henry R hd 58 Fishing line merchant 5 North Allington
Susannah wi 54    
Ada da 32    
William G so 21 Mechanic - netting machinery  
Amy da 19    
Alice da 15    
Edward C boarder 25 born Toller Whelme Domestic coachman living at 1 Magdalen Lane  
John hd 47 Retired seaman 27 North Allington
Julia wi 49 born Weston "Oyland" Somerset  
Minnie da 22 dressmaker  
John so 18 Ironmonger's apprentice  
Robert so    
Julia da      
Absalom hd 69 Net braider / canvas worker 10 North Allington
Ellen Anne wi 64 Net Braider  
William V servant 17 Baker's assistant born Southsea Hants.  
 Sorry there are some gaps in information about some individuals - 2 solid hours of staring at microfiches does something to the brain! I have a feeling I may have missed one or two who I feel ought to be there - will have another go next time I go down to the Dorset Record Office submit:


I've just found your web page and believe that we may have some links. (My Mother's name was Hounsell) My tree goes back to William Hounsell who was married to Phoebe Collins. I have the names of her parents (James Thomas Collins and Hester Garrett and her Grandfather John Garrett. I also have the links from William and Phoebe, through their son Joseph who married Elizabeth Tucker, down to my Mother. The links downwards show that they had a son John who married the Honorable Eliza Fox-Strangways (Sister of the Earl of Ilchester - Lord Stavordale)

I had been told that some Hounsells were Hugenots from France and that their trade was as Sail Makers. I have some interesting stuff on the Stavordale-Hounsells, who emigrated to Australia before the first world war. Herbert Eustace Strangways-Hounsell (1829 - 1909) my Great Great Grandfather, was Mayor of Bridport three times. His son Bernard Wilmshurst Stavordale Hounsell was leader of a well known Musical Hall Quintet - 'The Stavordales'. There is also a very interesting Web Page on Buster and Madge Stavordale (Hounsell) who were famous Puppeteers. Hope this is of interest. I'm currently digging deeper on the Lord Ilchester history and recently went to Stavordale Priory where he and Elizabeth Fox-Strangways lived and also to Abbotsbury Castle in Dorset which was the Earl's Seat. In addition to being married, he was a renowned Gambler. Roger Casemore Worcester January 2002


Hi, I really enjoyed your family website, I was directed here while searching for information on my Grandmother Leota Hounsel born 24 Feb 1901. She died 5 Dec 1984 in Robertson Co. Kentucky. I have no other information on her but that she married my Grandfather Harry C. Hester and had 7 children, all born in Kentucky. Any information that you have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for sharing your website. From Sharon (Hester) Louk Englewood Florida, USA Sunday, December 23, 2001

Australia / Bridport

I'm trying to contact Maureen Hart as I believe we have the same Hounsell interests. My ancestors are Joseph HOUNSELL (born 1791 in Dorset, UK) who married Jane WEBBER on 25 December 1815 at Bradpole, Dorest. They had at least one son - Absolom. Absalom HOUNSELL was born in 1832 in Bridport. In 1881 he was a net braider. He married Ellen and they had at least two daughters - Christiana (b. 1864) and Emily (1865). Emily HOUNSELL (a dressmaker in 1881) married Henry William CASE on 30th July 1887 in Reg. Office District of Lambeth, Surrey, UK. They were my great great grandparents. - From Louise Ross Australia Tuesday, October 23, 2001

Dorset / London

I am providing some information for your (our) super website, relating to my branch of the Hounsell family, none of whom I have managed to trace on the website. I hope that this information might be useful to you in filling-in some of the gaps in our family tree and additionally perhaps, some of my "lost" relatives might come across it and make contact.
My name is John Hounsell b. in London on 13th September 1941.
My wife is Theresa Hounsell (nee Shilling), b. London, 25th June 1944, we have two sons:
Gary Keith, b 15.12.1967, Enfield Middlsesex (bachelor)
Stephen Martin, b. 05.01.1972, Enfield Middlesex.
Stehen is married to Sarah Hounsell (nee Goble).They have a son, Luke Alan Hounsell, b.24.01.1991,Enfield, Middlesex.

I have a sister, Pamela Dorothy, b.13.10.1935, London and she is married to
John Roger MacKay. They have two sons,
Nicholas Mackay b. London married to Lorna MacKay (nee ???)
Mark MacKay, b. London, bachelor

My father was Harold (Harry) Quantick Hounsell, b. 18.04.1911,Islington, North London, who died 25.11.2000. My father's trade was that of a woodworker / wood machinist.
My mother was Dorothy (Dolly) Edith Hounsell (nee Bonner), b. 02.10.1914, born Islington, North London, who died on 20.05.2000. Both are resting in the memorial gardens of Enfield Crematorium.

My paternal grandfather was Joseph Henry Hounsell, D.O.B unknown, but I estimate sometime around 1850-1860. Neither do I know the date of his death, but this was certainly before my parents, Harold Quantick and Dorothy Edith were married, the date of which was 22.12.1935. I do not know his exact place of birth, but most certainly Dorset, or where he rests. Joseph's occupation was that of a "Carman" (Horse drawn carts), I believe for the Royal Mail in the Lyme Regis area and later for "GWRLY", which I take to be the Great Western Railway.
My paternal grandmother was Tryphena Hounsell (nee Brister), b. 1869, who died on 15.09.1950 at the age of 81 years. I do not know her place of birth. Tryphena rests in Finchley Cemetary, London. Joseph Henry and Tryphena Hounsell were originally from Lyme Regis, Dorset and the family moved to North London (Islington), before my father was born. Joseph and Tryphena had, I believe either 11 or 12 children, of whom my father, Harold Quantick, was the second youngest. I can only provide the names of three of my father's siblings, brothers:
Arthur Hounsell, Leonard (Len) Hounsell and sister Gussie Hounsell.
Arthur's wife was Eileen Hounsell (nee ???), both now deceased and they resided in Haringay, North London. Arthur and Eileen had two children,
Anthony (Tony) Hounsell and Patricia (Pat / Patsy) Hounsell, both of whom I have sadly lost track of. I believe Pat, was married to an American serviceman and subsequently moved to the USA, with her husband.
Leonard, who died around 1995-96 and lived in Leigh-on Sea, Essex, had I believe two children by his first wife, but details are unknown by me. Leonard's son may be named David?
I have no details what-so-ever of Gussie Hounsell, who I think I only met once, when I was a child.
I hope that this information will be of interest and help. - from John Hounsell Enfield, Middx. 5 October 2001

Litton Cheney

I'm looking into the possibility that my ancestor, George Studley, was married to a Hounsell. George Studley was married around 1847 and had 5 children, one of which was named Elizabeth Hounsell Studley . In my family it seems that the children regularly took the maiden name of the mother as their middle name. My mother seems to remember the family mentioning Hounsell and in particular a George Hounsell. George Studley and his wife lived in Litton Cheney, which is very near Long Bredy and another of their children, Arthur Studley (my great, great grandad) got married in the Parish Church at Long Bredy. If anyone has any information that could help, I'd be very pleased to hear from you. Kind regards - Jacky Goudy Reading England, Sept 20, 2001


London, England

Does anyone know Sidney James Hounsell born in London 1889 or perhaps his dad Joseph Hounsell. - Peter John Hounsell Chadwell Heath, Romford, Essex, Sunday, September 2, 2001


My connection to the Hounsell family is my mother, Muriel Grace Hounsell. Her father was Arthur Henry Hounsell born in Love Lane Weymouth in 1894. His father was Joseph Hounsell (born 1872) a carpenter and his mother Florence Hounsell nee Chick, also from Weymouth. Their children were Ethel, Arthur Henry, Gertrude, Harold, Harry (?Henry), Leonard, Millie, Florence, and Dorothy. Arthur moved away when he was 16 and became a train driver with Great Western Railway. We believe that Harry moved to Wales and one of Harold's sons moved to Birmingham. Joseph's father was Joseph (born in Wyke, Dorset),in 1840 or 1841, and his trade was a Builder, his mother was Emma born in Weymouth in 1840 or 1841. They had Mary, Sarah, Joseph, and Harry as far as I know. Can anyone help trace any relatives of the above. Janet Jones Saturday, September 1, 2001 Swindon, Wiltshire, England

Arthur's brother, Harold married, and I believe his wife's name was Gertrude. They had four children. Percy, who became an Electrician in Weymouth; George, who was a Detective Sergeant in the Police Force at Parkstone, Bournemouth; Norman who worked at The Old Torpedo Works at Wyke Regis and who lived in Weymouth, and another son, whose name I do not know, who lived in Birmingham. - Janet Jones 4 December,2001

I am tracing my husband Steve's family tree, finding they are not Portland (as previously supposed) but Weymouth Hounsells.I have got back to 1845 when John married Jane Read in St. Mary's Church, Melcombe Regis.I have searched the parish records for a record of his birth but in vain so I suppose he was not from Weymouth originally.Their son, also John, wrote his memoirs and says that his father returned alone to America in 1848 (where his own parents had emigrated ). He does not appear in the census returns for Weymouth and Melcombe Regis from 1851 onwards. Jane remained in Weymouth with John aged 2 and was pregnant with George William.I have lots of info from then onwards if anyone is interested.I would love help with tracing John's father and finding how we fit in with the bigger picture. - Pat Hounsell Saturday, August 11, 2001: Surrey,U.K.


The Richard HOUNSELL who married Martha LACEY in 1816 died in 1823, aged about 30. They had 4 children, Geo. Lacey, Prudence White x 2 (the first of that name died aged 1yr) and Richard. After Richard's death, Martha appears to have "married" his brother William with whom she had 5 more children - William Lacey, Robert David (died aged 2yrs), David Robert (from whom our branch of the family is descended), Martha Ward and Eli Lacey. William and Martha and their children appear on the census returns from 1841 onwards. David Robert is described as a carpenter on his marriage certificate, but he had various occupations, ending up as a steam-fitter and engineer at Gundry's factory in Bridport. He was followed in that job by his son, George snr, his grandson George jnr, and his great-grandson Derek (who is still living in Bridport) So far I have been unable to trace a marriage between William and Martha - perhaps they never did! I have Family Trees for our family, descended from Robert (b 1790) & Elizabeth WARD, and the families of Robert (b 1730) & Hannah, Benjamin (b 1740) & Martha COOPER, (this one includes the famous Ruth and her 10 illegitimate offspring!), Richard (b 1764) & Sarah WAY, Joseph (b 1769-ish) & Elizabeth, (some of the Collins Hounsells are on this one), and John (b 1695)& Ann (includes Thomas Collins), All these are Bridport and the neighbouring parishes of Symondsbury, Bradpole and Allington, all of which come almost into the town centre. Hope this is of interest to someone!! - Ian & Ruth HOUNSELL Friday, August 10, 2001 - BOURTON Dorset

Flowers Island and Pound Cove Newfoundland

Hello, My grandfather was Carmen Hounsell whose father was Pierce Hounsell, I know my family immigrated to Flowers Island and Pound Cove Newfoundland in the 1800's to fish cod. I am looking to obtain or assemble my family tree, can anyone help me? Thanks - Jason Spurrell Newfoundland, Canada August 1, 2001

Further back in time


Karen Chessell added this to the guest book, but as I have no control how the guest book is set out I am repeating it here as it is easier to read:-

I just want to add some pieces of information about Dorset Hounsells

Hounsell from Dorset Place-Names Houne Hill, 1591 – hill where hounds were kept: OE hund+hyll; or, plant-name: hune – hoarhound - +hyll.

Now called Hound Hill, near Wimborne Minster

Hounsell’s Cross – from Gazateer of English Place Names Near Morcamelake and North Chideock.

Early Dorset Hounsells:

1525 William Huntsell of Symondsbury, Tudor Subsidy

1525 John Hountsell, Stanton St Gabriel, Tudor Subsidy

1523-93Henry Annsell of Stone, Wimborne Minster, Tudor Subsidy

1542 Muster Rolls, 6 male Houncells in Symondsbury

1550 Willmi Hunsehill of Symondsborowe, Sherborne Free Grammar School

1558-9 Roger Houncell, burial

1559 Matthew Houncell son of John, Symondsbury

1559 John Houncell, drowned

1559 Christoffer Houncell son of John & Agnes, Symondsbury; died 1559

1559/1561 Styven Houncell son of Rychard, Symondsbury

1564 Willmi Howncell, Dorset Chantries

1565 Hunsell, - = Edward Frampton of Marton, Visitation of Dorset

Karen Chessell - London 10 July 2001


Wonderful website. I was born 1964 in Exeter, Devon, England. Father is Michael George Hounsell born 1932 in Weymouth, Dorset (still resides in Exeter). His father was George Hounsell born about 1906, with a brother Jack and a sister Mildred. My father has a brother John , who lives in Cyprus, and who is 73 years old. My grandfather, George Hounsell, died in, I believe 1990. My father said he thinks he was born in Martinstown, Dorset. I know he lived his last few years in Dorchester "Casterbridge"
My Brother is Mark Arnold Hounsell born 1961 in Redruth, Cornwall, lives now in Bilbao, Spain. Sister is Jessica Mary Hounsell born 1968 in Exeter, lives now in Dulwich, South London. - Robyn Andrew Hounsell - New York 18 June 2001

Glendale, Canada

I am trying to find out information regarding my family's history. - Scott Hounsell June 25, 2001


Sarah Hounsell (buried 6 July 1803 in St George's Fordington) was married to William Winzar on 12 August 1792 at St. George's Church Fordinton. Sarah died in childbirth. Her last child Sarah was baptised two days after her mother was buried. Does anyone know anything more about this family? - from Peta Winzar - 17 June 2001

Broadwinsor and Netherbury

I have amongst the Hansfords, Pearces and Poores I am researching in the Broadwinsor and Netherbury areas of Dorset a Maria Hounsell, born in about 1786, who married William Poore in Broadwinsor on 28 February 1810. She had an illegitimate daughter (Elizabeth) by William in 1806, and then went on to bear him 12 more children, the eldest of whom, Mary Poore, born in 1811, was my husband's great great grandmother. I have not been able to trace Maria Hounsell's parents. I assume they were from this area of Dorset (given the number of other Hounsells in the parish registers) yet a census return gives her place of birth as Reading, Berkshire. The fact that Maria was about 20 when her first daughter, Elizabeth, was born, I think it unlikely that Hounsell was a married name. Does anyone have any information about Maria? - From Ann King, Taunton, Somerset May 6,2001


My great grandmother was Lavinia Hounsell born 20th July 1861 in Bradpole, Dorset. She had two sisters, Ellen born 1857 in Bradpole, and Emily born 1860 in Bradpole, Dorset. Their father was Absalom Hounsell born 1832 in Bridport, and their mother was Ellen Ann Bussell born 1836 in Bridport. Absalom had three brothers we know of, and one sister. The brothers were Joseph Hounsell born 1824 in Dorset, Hezekiah born 1826 in Dorset, and Darius born 1829 in Dorset. The sister was Naomi born 1835 in Dorset. Their father was Joseph Hounsell born 1791 in Dorset, and was married to Jane (unknown) born 1796 in Dorset. Hope this information is of value to someone, and if anyone can expand on the above I would like to hear from them. From Maureen Hart Canterbury, England - March 18, 2001

Honiton/East Devon

We would like to know if any one knows the connection between the Honiton/East Devon Area and Bridport?? Hello to all you Hounsells out there!!!! My dad was from Gittisham in Devon and me, my sister and nephew live in Somerset. Hounsells rock!!!!! Bye for now - From Leah Hounsell - March 13, 2001

Bridport to Newfoundland

Peggy Hounsell is looking for information on George Hounsell born about 1933 in Bridport England. He immigrated to Newfoundland with six brothers about 1950. Anyone with information email Peggy or contact the web site. - From Peggy Hounsell, Scarborough, Ontario - 13 March ,2001

Weymouth, Dorset

I have got back to 1845 with our branch of the Hounsells when John married Jane Read at St. Mary's Church, Weymouth. Having a job making a connection with this branch of the family. Any suggestions? - From Pat Hounsell, Surrey, England.


My Hounsell family tree goes back 150 years that I know about to Southampton UK where I was born and raised. My father was Vic Hounsell and his father was also Vic Hounsell who fought and was wounded in WW1. My fathers brother (Denis) moved to Essex after WW2 and his wife and chilren still live in Standford le Hope in Essex (they originally lived in Barking). We came to Australia in 1981. I still have 2 brothers and a mother in Southampton. Mothers maiden name was Hogg. Any other Hounsells know of us???? - From Ken Hounsell - 11 Jan 2001


Litton Cheney

My ancestors lived in Litton Cheney for most of the 19th and early 20th Centuries, until my father moved to Longbredy in the late 1920's. I have a connection back to Weymouth in the early 19thC. .For Information on the descendants of Joseph Hounsell b. Weymouth c. 1825 and Elizabeth Tidby b. Litton Cheney 1828, who married in October 1850 click here. - submitted by David Hounsell

Corfe Castle

Does anyone have any information on Hounsells living in the Corfe Castle, Lanton Matravers, Worth Matravers or Swanage areas of Dorset? I have traced a John Hounsell in Corfe Castle area in 1740 but can't find a link to the much larger group of Hounsells in the west of the county. Marwood Tilman Hounsell (born Buckland Newton) married Fanny Saunders (born Netherbury) in Langton Matravers on 30 June 1868, but as they seem to have no links with the area I don't know why they were there. - from Brenda Hobbs.


James Hounsell was sent to Brazil by his father to buy goose plumage amongst other things. He had a brother Edward. James married Herondina Montes a Brazilian woman whose grandparents came from Holland. Their sons were Jaime, Francys, João, Isaura, and Raimundo. Jaime married Constãncia Ferreira, and they had many children as was the custom at that time. One of the children was Raimunda Hounsell Almeida, born 4th November, 1929. She married Antonio Dias Almeida whose parents were Portugese. They have a daughter Constancia Maria Almeda de Carvalho, (maiden name Constancia Maria Hounsell Almeida), who is a Doctor, born 6th February, 1962, and a son Antonio Hounsell Almeida who is looking for more information on the family. - This information submitted by Constancia Carvalho


James Anthony Hounsell or Anthony James Hounsell went to Brazil about 1870 - 1880. There are now Hounsells in Pará, Mato Grosso, Rio de Janeiro, Santa Catarina and mainly Amazon where James Hounsell lived. - submitted by Simone da Silva Hounsell.

New Zealand

William Alfred Hounsell, my great-grandfather was born 12 August 1824 Brede Sussex, son of Hezekiah Hounsell b.30 June Mountfield, Sussex and Sarah Streeter b. in England. William emigrated to Nelson NZ in 1842 and married Sarah Durrant also of Brede about 1848. Sarah had 14 babies of whom nine survived. My grandfather, John was born in Nelson on 9th Feb. 1857. He moved to the Marlborough Province and married Clara Hopgood and had 9 children of which my father, Alfred Llewellyn Durrant was one of the younger sons born 6 October 1898 in Renwicktown and later lived in Blenheim after his marriage to my mother, Elizabeth Morgan Feb 1923.They had 5 babies of whom only John Durrant b. 27 Jan. 1924 and myself William James b. 30 Jul. 1928, survived. Patrick was born in Blenheim 7 Jun. 1957. Mary-Ellen Haycock, whose husband is descended from the Durrant family of Brede has promised more details on this line. - From information received from Jim (William James)and Patrick Hounsell


As you can see I am but one letter short. I am researching the Housell family both in the USA and in the U.K. . Has anyone come come across my spelling in their research? - Submitted by Larry Housell, Spring Hill, Florida, U.S.A

Donhead St Mary/ Shaftesbury

My mother was christened Elizabeth Hounsell and was born in Donhead St Mary on April 27th 1937. Her father, Henry Hounsell, was born 17 March c.1905. He was a farm labourer and worked on estates in the Donhead area. His father-in-law Henry Lawes was a stonemason in the Shaftesbury area. Does anyone have any further information. - submitted by Glenys Williams 21 Nov 2000.