This was sent to me by Fred Cooze


A reference to my grandfather, Captain Fred Hounsell, from the book "The Serpent's Coil" by Farley Mowat, p. 90

"Meantime Cowley had sent out a general SOS for help, and he got an answer from a Newfoundland revenue cutter, the Marvita which was lying in Flower Cove to shelter from the gale. She was a shallow-draught boat and her skipper, Captain Hounsell, was a real old-time Newfoundlander, the kind that are supposed to be half seal. It was a good thing that he was around, because he was probably the only man on that whole coast who would have dared to try to get us off the Orion. "About ten o'clock even the Greeks had given up, and none of us thought the future looked very bright. Orion was breaking up under us and we figured she couldn't last much longer. Then, all of a sudden, a searchlight cut through the storm, and a blinker light started up. "I got hold of a flashlight and answered back. It was Hounsell in the Marvita, and he signalled that he was going to try to and pick his way right through the shoals-they were breaking white as milk-and pick us up. "He warned us to be ready. 'Will lie alongside for sixty seconds,' he signalled. He wouldn't have dared stay longer, and I don't know yet how he risked putting her alongside Orion at all. "I had everybody lined up at the rail waiting for him when he flashed another signal: 'Don't come empty handed.' "I knew what he meant. Orion had more booze aboard her than Halifax could have drunk in a week. I hustled around and got every man to tuck a couple of bottles into his jacket or shirt. Sort of passage money you might say. Remembering that Marvita was a revenue boat, I only hoped Hounsell had left the revenue officers behind in Flower Cove. "Hounsell brought the Marvita in like a bird. She just touched alongside, and everyone was aboard of her in one jump, and then Hounsell was backing her out to sea. About then some of the bottles just seemed to pop open by themselves."

Captain Fred Hounsell