Pictures of the barbeque in celebration of Murray and Marjories 50th Wedding Anniversary

(this was held on 15 September 2001 at their son Stephens's property)

Sorry to the people I missed and please let me know if I have got any of the names wrong! If anyone has any more pictures they would like added please email them to me.

Photos 1, Photos 2, Photos 3, Photos 4

Val, Murray, Les, Joyce, Stephen
Les, Val, Murray, Trevor
Ada, Wayne, and Ed in white shirt
Ed, Derek, Ada, Wayne, Dylan
People again
Robbie with dogs
Murray, Melissa, Connie, Marj
The barn
Colinplaying the bagpipes
Les, Colin, Randy
?. Les and Colin (Father in law and Son in law)
Les, Colin, Colin ,Conniem, Murray

Two pictures taken at Niagara

Connie, Marj, Lynn, Les, Murray
Les, Lynn, Colin, Murray
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