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It seems that many of the Hounsells emigrated to Newfoundland, Canada during the 1800's or possibly before. We are starting to get enquiries from there so I am putting them up in case anyone can help.


Just to let you know the Hounsell's in gander come mostly from pound cove nfld - from George Hounsell Sunday, June 20, 2004

HI, we have been trying to figure out for the past 20 years (on and off) where our ancestry came from. My father is and his brothers were adopted in the late 1940's by different families. My father is spelling his name Hounzell but both his brothers are spelling it Hounsell. The Canadian connection has part of its roots in the lower north short (mainly Natashquan in Quebec, Canada). I also received an email from someone in Waterloo in Ontario, Canada who has been looking for his roots.from Erick Hounzell

Hi -- I just thought I would type in Hounsell and see what came up. My husband's grandparents came to Canada in 1908 and became Immigration Officers in Wilkie, Saskatchewan. Just wondered who their ancesters were. They were William and Annie Hounsell. Joan Drysdale. From Joan Drysdale n Monday, September 16, 2002, Cowichan Bay, B.C. Canada V0R 1N0


Hi Lynn, I visited your site yesterday and was very impressed with what you have done. It's a marvellous web page and congratulations on all your work. I have attached three photos .

Captain Fred Hounsell
George Hounsell
Captain Fred Hounsell
George Hounsell who was Capt. Fred's father

Wedding of Lottie Hounsell and Robert Cooze

Bride and groom are Lottie Hounsell (my mother and Capt. Fred's daughter) and Robert Cooze. Immediately to left of bride is Mona Hounsell (Lottie's first cousin). The man just to the right of the groom is Thomas Hounsell (Lottie's brother). On back of bride and groom is Capt. Fred. Wedding took place on June 24, 1943 in St. John's, NF at St. Thomas' Church (C of E). Best Wishes, Fred Cooze

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Hello, today I got curious on what would happen if I typed Hounsell in a search engine and this site appeared. It is truly amazing, but i cannot find my roots. I am from the Hounsell family that came from jackson arm, Newfoundland. According to family members 4 brothers came over to Newfoundland and that's the orgin of Hounsell in Newfoundland. I don't know how much of that is true but i'm going to look into it and send you more information about my tree. Also there is a David Hounsell in corner brook (i think he's like a 5 cousin) and I believe he went to England and traced our roots. I'm not too sure but I'm going to find out and send the information. So you will here from me soon with some information about Newfoundlands Hounsell. But one thing I can tell you, the most common profession for Hounsell in Newfoundland are School teachers. Growing up Ihad a Hounsell as teachers and my grandfather was the vice-princple of Herman collegiate high school in corner brook for many years before he retired. Well thats it, you'll hear from me later when I have more information. Here's a little tree: Richard and Violet Hounsell 2 daugters Myra and Patrica Hounsell , 2 sons Duke and Paul hounsell Duke hand 1 daughter name Trina Hounsell and 1 son named Jason Hounsell Paul had 2 sons named Micheal Justin David Hounsell and me, Martin PAul Kenneth Hounsell submit:

From Martin Paul Kenneth Hounsell - Friday December 28, 20013 rose street Newfoundland, Cananda


I believe that Christoper James Hounsell listed under soldiers of the first world war - canadian Expeditionary Force is my grandfather (number 3037808). Does anyone have further info on him - I would like to receive it. He died from complications of the war. Linda Wescott Ontario, Canada 10 September 2001


Hello, My grandfather was Carmen Hounsell whose father was Pierce Hounsell, I know my family immigrated to Flowers Island and Pound Cove Newfoundland in the 1800's to fish cod. I am looking to obtain or assemble my family tree, can anyone help me? Thanks - Jason Spurrell August 1, 2001


Richard Hounsell emigrated from England to Newfoundland and was married on Pinchard's Island in about 1822. He is thought to have come from Bridport, presumably having been recruited for the salt fish trade. In one of the census documents, he is described as being a "planter". It seems that one of his descendants, or a Hounsell from England, had a business in St. John's that dealt with goods associated with the fishery. There are newspaper advertisements relating to this business from around the mid-1800's. The brig "Mary Hounsell" is referenced in these adverts as well. Richard's family may have had some association with the rope and twine business in England. There is a street in St. John's named Ropewalk Lane which was believed to be the site for a Hounsell cordage interest many years ago. - This information supplied by Fred Cooze, who is Richard's great-great-great-grandchild.

Visit Fred's website about The Hounsells of Newfoundland


The second "Mary Hounsell" was built, in St John's, Newfoundland, to the order of a Hounsell settled there.


From the December 19, 1844 edition of the "Newfoundlander"

Messrs. Hounsell, Schenk and Hounsell

Having succeeded to the business of the late Daniel Fowler, they will pay the debts due from the said Daniel Fowler, and are authorised to receive all debts due to him. All accounts against the deceased are requested to be presented, and all debts due to him are to be paid forthwith. The business from the first day of January next will be conducted under the firm of Hounsell, Schenk, and Hounsell. John Bond Agent for Executors of the late D. Fowler - Information supplied by Fred Cooze.

Maureen Bowler of Caerphilly, Wales has this to add:- I have read the information on the Hounsells in Canada with interest and the name SCHENK in connection with HOUNSELL rang a bell. Checking my files, I think I may be able to add a bit of information that ties in.

Thomas Collins HOUNSELL married Mary FOWLER at Bradpole on 1 Jan 1810. Their children were christened at Bridport Presbyterian Church. From the IGI, they were Caroline (1811), Mary (1813), Henrietta (1819), William (1820), Ellen (1821) Selina (1824), Thomas (1827)

It seems that the eldest 2 daughters both married men by the name of SCHENK in Bradpole (from BVRI)
Caroline HOUNSELL m William SCHENK on 9 Feb 1833 Mary HOUNSELL m Reornt SCHENK on 2 Jan 1836

The "Mary Hounsell" was a brig built in 1842 by Michael Kearney of St John's, Newfoundland and registered in Bridport on 16 August 1843. It was owned by Thomas Collins Hounsell of Bridport and used to carry out lines, twines and nets, returning with cargo such as salt cod and cod liver oil" Hope this may be of interest as it seems to tie the names in the paper back to the Bridport Hounsells.


Many years ago David Hounsell was on business in the little town of Gander. He was amazed to see a column of Hounsells in the phone book in a town of maybe only 20,000 people.


Garnet Raymond Hounsell was born 6 Sept 1968 and lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia. His father is Llewellyn Hounsell and grandfather was Richard Thomas Hounsell born 20 Sept 1901 of Greens Pond, Newfoundland. His great-grandfather was Adam Hounsell. Adam's father was named Richard. Garnet is looking for help with his family tree.


Mark Hounsell is descended from James Ward Hounsell (b. 1856). He moved from Carbonnere, Newfoundland with son William Booth Hounsell to Quincy MA and finally Eaton New Hampshire in 1901. He died in 1943. Does anyone have any more information on this line as Mark would be very pleased to find out his origins.


Rev. Ruth L. Lorenson (C of E) lives in Garden City, New York, sent us the following information: My ancestor was Richard Hounsell from Bridport, Dorset where he owned a rope walk. He went to Canada in 1815. We have evidence of a window in St. Mary's Bridport depicting a ship which the family owned.


The following two links are to Children of the Bay sites:

Visit The Descendants of Richard Ownsel, born about 1797

Visit The Descendants of George Hounsell, born about 1833 in Bridgeport, (sic) Dorsetshire


The following information is taken from various pages on the web:

Marriages Bonavista Bay 1840 1860 Greenspond

Jun 03/1852 Benjamin Perry of Pinchard's Is. to Sarah Hounsell of Pinchard's Is., witnesses John Sainsbury,Thomas Perry

Oct 23/1852 Richard Hounsell Pinchard's Is. to Mary Curtis Pinchard's Is., witnesses Thomas Perry, Benjamin Perry

Oct 14/1857 William Hounsell Pinchard's Is. to Louisa Wey of Fair Island, witnesses Thomas Hounsell, Thomas Perry

Oct 15/1857 George Hounsell Brideport, Dorset, England to Mary Button Fair Island , witnesses Robert Wells, Levi Norris

Nov 12/1857 Thomas Parsons Pinchard's Orpah Osmond, Ships Island, witnesses Thomas Hounsell, James Parsons

Nov 16/1859 Thomas Hounsell Pinchard's Is. to Hannah Burry Newell's Is. witnesses Abraham Green, Thomas Hancock

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Aug 06 Sarah Grace Hounsell, Parents Wm & Louisa, Pinchards Island

Oct 15 Sarah Hounsell, Parents George & Mary, Fair Island


Aug 25 Henry Hounsell, Parents Richard & Mary, Pinchards Island


Jul 29 Henry Hounsell, Parents Richard & Mary, Pinchards Island

Aug 09 Sarah Hounsell, Parents George & Mary, Fair Island

Oct 21 James Hounsell, Parents William & Linda, Pinchards Island


Feb 16 Charles Hounsell, Parents Richard & Mary, Pinchards Island

Jun 23 Nathaniel Hounsell, Parents George & Sarah, Pinchards Island

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McAlpine's 1894-97 Directory Bonavista District


HOUNSELL Henry fisherman

HOUNSELL John fisherman

HOUNSELL Charles fisherman

HOUNSELL Job fisherman

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Newfoundland 1921 Census Smiths Harbour {42 Persons in 9 Households}

Hounsell; Israel; SmthHr; head; Oct 1879; ?? Hr.; Meth; fish; husb of Amelia J. Hounsell;

Hounsell; Amelia J.; SmthHr; wife; Sep 1894; Nippers Hr.; Meth; housewife; wife of Israel Hounsell;

Hounsell; Stella S.; SmthHr; daur; Jul 1915; SmthHr; Meth; ; si daur of Israel Hounsell

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McAlpine's 1904 Directory: Twillingate District


FOSS George Stockling Harbor (sic) fisherman

HOUNSELL John Stockling Harbor fisherman

HOUNSELL Thomas Stockling Harbor fisherman

HOUNSELL George Stockling Harbor fisherman

HOUNSELL Jacob Stockling Harbor fisherman

HOUNSELL Israel Stockling Harbor fisherman

- - - - -

1935 Nf Census for NDB Twillingate District


SURNAME Given Name Relationship Age Residence Status

HOUNSELL Isreal HEAD 55 Smith's Harbour

HOUNSELL Amelia Wife 50 Smith's Harbour

HOUNSELL Stella S Daughter 20 Smith's Harbour

HOUNSELL Flora A Daughter 13 Smith's Harbour

HOUNSELL Thomas Uncle 85 Smith's Harbour Single

HOUNSELL Maria Mother 81 Smith's Harbour Widow

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Soldiers of the First World War Canadian Expeditionary Force

Name, Regimental number



HOUNSELL , HARRY WALTER 404371 - See index of People